Scoop: Start Your Little Serena or Roger Off Right With Advantage Tennis!

Now that we’ve all survived the back-to-school craziness and we’re into something like a routine, it’s time to fill those gaps in your kiddos’ schedules with activities that will be rewarding, get their hearts pumping, and most importantly, let them have FUN! Advantage QuickStart Tennis is offered at seven convenient locations around NYC, and is totally customized for your child’s age and ability. If your little girl or boy is three or older, they’ll be able to take part in drills and games that are enjoyable right off the bat (or should we say racquet?!).

Advantage QuickStart Tennis’s proven method helps children to learn tennis more easily, rally faster and develop a love of the game earlier. With larger racquets, slow-bouncing balls and smaller courts, this is tennis especially designed for them. Tennis has a ton of awesome health benefits that are great for growing bodies — as well as being aerobically challenging, it helps to develop strength, agility and reaction times. Tennis is also a unique social game, and if picked up early, can be played at any age and anywhere, meaning it’s a true investment in your kiddo’s athletic future.

Advantage QuickStart Tennis’s youth program is directed by Tennis All-Star Katerina Sevcikova, and all pro’s and coaches receive intensive specialty training in teaching the USTA Net Gen 10 and Under curriculum. Players involved in Advantage’s program are also offered FREE Play More and Athletic Zone sessions taking place on the weekend – Saturdays at The Beacon High School Gym and Sundays at Columbia Prep School Gym.

For children ages 7 years and older who are more experienced players, Advantage Tennis Club offers an Advantage Junior Development program — takes place at Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club and Roosevelt Island Club. This program offers a progressive curriculum focusing on stroke technique, footwork and conditioning, as well as all-important match play. Playing as part of a team and participating in tournaments teaches self-control, sportsmanship and exposes them to key life lessons about winning, losing and doing your best.

To schedule a tryout and learn more about how Advantage QuickStart Tennis can work for your family, reach out to Paul Fontana on 646-844-9649 (pfontana@advantagetennisclubs.com) or Katerina Sevcikova on 646-844-9648 (katerina@advantagetennisclubs.com) or click here to learn more.

Junior Development contacts:
Manhattan Plaza – Milos Vojvodic – milos@advantagetennisclubs.com or 212-594-0554
Roosevelt Island – Steve O’Keefe – sokeefe@advantagetennisclubs.com or 212-935-0250

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