• Sci-Tech Kids’ STE[A]M Maker Lab

    Sci-Tech Kids has a cool new facility on the UES

    By New York Family

    Photo by Darya Golubina for Classic Kids Photography

    This past fall, Sci-Tech Kids opened an amazing new STE[A]M Maker Lab on the Upper East Side.

    Offering a STE[A]M (STEM+Art) experience for ages 3-15—part learning lab and part makerspace—children as young as 3 can enjoy activities like growing hydroponic plants, experimenting with circuitry, building robots, piloting a flying drone, and 3D printing food.

    “Our new 2,000-square-ft flagship location will take learning to a new level,” says Kim Magloire, President and Founder of SciTech Kids.

    The new location, in keeping with Sci-Tech’s overall mission, will allow kids to explore science and engineering concepts by doing rather than watching.

    To learn more, visit sci-techkids.com!

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