Peloton Launch Prenatal Yoga and Postnatal Yoga Content

Peloton pregnancy content

At New York Family we’re huge fans of the Peloton brand. We love how easy and convenient it can be for moms to work out without leaving the comfort of our homes, especially in the winter! The one gripe we’ve had (until now!) is the lack of programming for pregnant women and new moms, so we were thrilled to learn that Peloton have just launched prenatal and postnatal yoga classes with Peloton Yoga Instructor, Kristin McGee. Kristin is a New York-based mom of three, and we caught up with her for a chat about the launch and her tips for exercising while pregnant and after giving birth.

What are the most important things for pregnant women to keep in mind when they’re exercising?
To always listen to your body! There is so much happening mentally and physically during pregnancy, and exercise is awesome, but now is not the time to push it.

What are the most important factors to consider when deciding whether you’re ready to get back to exercising post-birth?
It’s generally recommended that women wait 4-6 weeks after giving birth, and for some, it may even be up to 8 weeks postpartum before you’re ready to start exercising. It’s really important to speak with your doctor or medical professional before getting back into an exercise routine, and listen to your body to know when you feel ready to move again. I had a vaginal birth with my first son and felt good after a few weeks. With my twin C-section delivery, I really needed to wait longer than the recommended time frame of having a c-section. Each woman and each pregnancy are so different, it’s truly up to each woman to decide for herself once her doctor says it’s ok.

How is Peloton’s prenatal and postnatal yoga content different from other types of yoga on the Peloton platform?
I think what is so great about Peloton prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga content is the fact that we created tutorials for each trimester, even the 4th trimester (the three months after the baby, or babies, arrive), so that women know what to do and know what to be mindful of during each stage. We also offer an array of class lengths and levels — from 10-minute beginner, 20-minute intermediate or even a 20-minute restorative yoga practice. And I’m going to be adding more classes to our on-demand library each month, so the content will always be fresh. I’m really looking forward to connecting with more moms and moms-to-be in our member community. I’m here for them to support them on their journey, and that’s something I’m really excited about.

Are the classes for pregnant women different from the classes for post-natal?
Yes, to an extent, but the focus is on really listening to your body when you’re pregnant and after you’ve given birth, and using the yoga practice to help you feel good and connect with yourself along the way. Some women jump right back into a regular exercise routine after giving birth, yet there are still a lot of things happening physically, hormonally and mentally. I think it’s really nice to have postnatal classes to help women get back in to their practice mindfully and gently before moving on to general classes. Additionally, women need to know about some of the common things that can happen after delivery, such as diastasis recti (a separation of the top surface layer of abdominal muscles) and build strength slowly.

What areas do you recommend women focus on strengthening or working on post-natally? 
Wrists, shoulders, back, and abdominals for sure. Plus, your pelvic floor, neck (nurser’s neck) and hips are all good to give a little extra TLC to after delivery.

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