Party Like It’s 1999 with American Girl’s First-Ever Twin Characters

Party Like It's 1999 with American Girl's First-Ever Twin Characters
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Party Like It’s 1999 with American Girl’s First-Ever Twin Characters

American Girl (AG) fans will be totally buggin’ with the expansion of AG’s flagship historical collection with the introduction of Isabel and Nicki Hoffman, its first-ever set of twin characters from the 1990s. 

Isabel and Nicki join American Girl’s lineup of inspirational, historical characters who impart meaningful life lessons to help girls learn and grow with confidence from pivotal eras in American history.

With their stories set in Seattle in 1999, Isabel and Nicki “bring the dial-up decade to life for fans, highlighting the tech boom and society’s embrace of the Internet, as well as the ground-breaking music, fashion trends, and television entertainment of the era,” said AG. 

Each twin is unique, as different as glitter and grunge. But as they discover who they are as individuals, they realize they share the same girl-power goal: to be true to themselves and learn to face their fears with confidence.

“Given the prevalent wave of ’90s trends and pop culture nostalgia, we’re excited to celebrate like it’s 1999 with our newest historical duo Isabel and Nicki,” says Jamie Cygielman, General Manager of American Girl. “From the start, The American Girls Collection has been central to our mission in helping build girls of strong character through inspiring stories and products that show them how the past is full of lessons that can be applied to the present. We know our fans will love getting to know more about the ’90s with Isabel and Nicki and discovering the girl power in all of our beloved heroines.”

Isabel and Nicki’s ‘90’s themed collection is all that and a bag of chips, reflecting the era and the girls’ unique styles and interests.

The 18-inch Isabel doll has green eyes and blonde hair with platinum highlights and comes dressed in a purple sweater and pinstripe shirt, a multicolored plaid skirt, and pink platform shoes.

The 18-inch Nicki doll has blue eyes and long straight brown hair with two blonde face-framing highlights and sports a gray T-shirt under a navy T-shirt dress, a purple plaid flannel shirt, and platform sneakers.

The collection also features a wooden desk and desktop computer that illuminates and plays dial-up effects and comes with pretend CD and floppy disk drives; an era-authentic Pizza Hut Set, complete with a doll-sized personal pan pizza; and for double the fun, a 2-in-1 Tennis Court & Skate Spot.

Families will love that American Girl is also supporting Girls Who Code, a leading nonprofit that’s on a mission to close the gender gap in technology.

The brand is donating $25,000 to underwrite student and alumni tickets to attend CodeFair, the organization’s 10th anniversary celebration that invites the public to play, discover, and code using the latest technology. 

Isabel and Nicki’s product collection is available now at and at all American Girl retail locations nationwide.

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