Meet Kira Bailey: 2021 American Girl of the Year

American girl doll Kira Bailey

American Girl fans rejoiced as they met the 2021 Girl of the Year, Kira Bailey. Kira is a nurturing and inquisitive 10-year-old from Michigan who cares deeply for animals and the environment. Kids of all ages will love that Kira helps keep our environment and its wildlife healthy and that we can do the same! And they will love her koala, kangaroos, and wombats, too!

Kira joins American Girl’s line of contemporary characters that inspires children to make a positive difference in the world. American Girl shared that in her story, “whether Kira is caring for an orphaned koala joey or facing a bushfire that’s threatening her great-aunts’ wildlife sanctuary in Australia, she confronts critical ecological issues, such as wildlife protection and the threat of climate change, that are more relevant to our planet than ever.” 

kids playing with american girl doll

In honor of Kira, American Girl is partnering with NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service, Inc. (WIRES). Through December 30, 2021, American Girl is supporting the organization’s mission to rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife by matching customer donations dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $25,000.

Kira has green eyes and long, wavy blonde hair, and arrives ready for the great outdoors and great adventure, sporting a tie-dye tank, sporty skort, and lace-up boots perfect for bushwalking. Kira’s signature accessories are sure to be a must-have and feature an outdoor backpack with koala keychain and a wide-brimmed hat to protect her from the Australian sun. 

Kira Bailey American Girl Doll

American Girl fans will be delighted that there is already a full line of Kira products to shop from, including Australian-inspired outfits, girl-and-doll koala PJs, as well as adorable plush animals like a kangaroo and joey, koala, and a wombat (part of Kira’s Wildlife Rescue Set). There’s also Kira’s Animal Exam Table and Comfy Platform Tent to further power girls’ imaginations.

There are two books to read all about Kira’s adventures down under as well Love the Earth, a fully-illustrated, nonfiction advice book that helps readers understand climate change and offers tips and tools for living an earth-friendly life. 

The Kira collection is available at and at all American Girl retail locations nationwide.