Ocean Edge Resort in Cape Cod for a Kid-Friendly Summer Vacation Amid COVID-19

ocean edge cape codThis summer is like no other. With lifted restrictions in New York, we have eagerly and cautiously been making our way out of our homes and enjoying the “new normal” during these summer months. But what about vacation? Although there are fewer people taking planes and public transportation during this summer, there are definitely ways to still squeeze in your family vacation plans. New York Family decided to head to Cape Cod and stay at the Ocean Edge Resort where you can rent a car for the weekend (or however long your escape needs to be) and get out of the city for an ocean-front experience.

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Getting to Cape Cod

I left early Friday morning, exactly at 7 am from Brooklyn, and had no problem with running into traffic on my way to Massachusetts. The ride was around five hours long and there were plenty of places to stop for food, gas, and restrooms along the way. Once getting into Cape Cod there was a ton to look at from greenery to small shops along the way to the resort.

Staying at Ocean Edge Resort

Ocean Edge Resort is not your typical stay. The resort rests on 429 acres of land that offers tons of accommodating options for your overnight stay, as well as endless opportunity for activities.

ocean edge cape cod room

The HUB of this resort is The Mansion which is rich with family history that dates back to the early 1900s. I stayed right on the side of The Mansion that has more of a hotel vibe but still very kid-friendly with tons of space. You also have easy access to tons of great amenities such as the resort’s private beach, nearby pools, tennis courts, and restaurants. And if you are traveling with the little ones, they also offer Pack n Plays that you can request at the front desk.

Like I mentioned before, this resort rests on 429 acres of land, meaning they have tons of overnight accommodations. If you want a more secluded stay or have a larger family, another great option would be the Presidential Bay Collection Villas that offer 2-3 bedrooms and are fully equipped with what you would have at home. 

ocean edge cape cod villas

You also have The Villages which are probably as family-friendly as it gets. If you are traveling on a budget and don’t want to eat out, these units come with their own kitchenette, separate living area and bedroom, pull-out sofa beds, and even have a washer and dryer for when the kids get messy outside. This would be great for a weekend trip or even for an extended stay since it’s like a home-away-from-home. 

While Arbor and Britterige Villas at The Villages don’t have access to the private beach, the resort does provide a shuttle to the public beach. You won’t be out of things to do if you stick around for the day since there are so many pools nearby, a playground, and more to keep the kiddos occupied if you don’t want to shuttle for the day.

Private Activities and Things to Do

What makes this resort vacation so unique and doable during COVID is that there are a variety of private experiences. For someone who has been anxious to do anything during this pandemic, these private experiences gave me a piece of mind about my safety and allowed me to have some summer fun I’ve been longing for. 

bike rentals

A must-do on this trip is hitting up the bikes and trails. If you want an easy way to explore the area, a bike ride is a perfect way. I ended up biking on the Rail Trail which is super scenic and has tons of greenery. There are also stops along the way where you can see the preserved Marshlands and take incredible photos. And if you and your family are in the mood for trying the local food, there are also places along the way for ice cream or a bite to eat.

ocean edge cape cod tennis courts

If you are staying on the side of The Mansion, an easy activity that you can do with the family is tennis. It’s already a social distancing sport so that’s an easy pick — and they disinfect the racquets. I’m not a great…or even good tennis player but who really cares when you have a chance to get outside and just play a game. 

Since you are located right by the water, you know that there is going to be some all-around water fun during these summer months. If you have access to the private beach and decide to spend some time there, there are towels and umbrellas that are provided for you and even a gift shop to buy sunscreen. There are also tons of pools that you can choose from located throughout Ocean Edge, some that even have easy access to food options.

 oyster tours

If you and your family are looking for something new to do, there are also Private Oyster Tours that you can request. Since you are in an area with great seafood, you can learn about the shelling industry, the aquaculture, and the importance the tide plays in the farming of oysters.

Another unique experience are the Private Archery Lessons. If your kids are fans of Hunger Games, this activity will be right up their alley. And of course, another iconic summer thing to do is to have a bonfire on the beach. Reserve a Private Beach Fire & S’mores and watch the sun go down right on the beach with chairs provided.

There are also activities more geared towards adults or if you have older kids. If you have a golfer in your family, Ocean Edge has an incredible Nicklaus Design golf course that attracts tons of golfers to this location (socially distancing of course!). There are also spa options for those that are wanting a bit of pampering or Private Beach Yoga sessions for a little zen on your trip.

Where and What to Eat

ocean terrace

Since you are right by the water, there is no better time to enjoy fresh seafood. A good place to grab dinner is the Ocean Terrace right at The Mansion. This is more of a fine dining option where you can sit on the terrace and grab a seat at the edge to look out at the water. It was hard to choose a favorite from this menu but a couple of items that I would order again are the Crab Cakes and the Butter Poached Maine Lobster. They also have a kids’ menu that has a good variety for those that are picky eaters to those that are comfortable with eating seafood — there was everything from Buttered Noodles to Seared Halibut on their menu. 

The Ocean Terrace is also open for breakfast which was easy to get to from my room on the side of The Mansion. My favorite was the Smoked Salmon on a bagel but I could see the kids loving the Brioche French Toast!

For more casual dining, you can also visit the Linx Tavern which is near The Villages and the golf course. Eating lunch here was fun because I got to see the golfers at the first hole. A few items that I would order again are the Roasted Brewster Oysters and the Lobster Roll. There are also lots of sandwich and burger options for the kids.

Packing Essentials

The one thing that I overlooked when coming here was that even though we are in the midst of summer, it can get pretty breezy near the water so warmer clothes and a light sweater were needed. Luckily, there are gift shops on-site that have clothing options and many other items such as water bottles or sunscreen if you forget when packing. 

COVID Safety

I was a bit hesitant at first to go on a trip during this pandemic but I could see that the staff was on top making this a safe environment. Everyone was wearing masks at the resort and hand sanitizing stations were virtually everywhere, especially where people were frequently touching doors. The staff was continuously disinfecting rented equipment and some of the bathrooms even had disinfectant wipes near the sink for visitors to freely use.

There was also a strong awareness of social distancing, from making sure terrace tables were decently spaced out to limiting capacity in certain areas. The Private Experiences also made it easy for families to engage in fun activities while having minimal contact with others (just make sure to book your reservation in advance!).

If you are looking for a place to take a vacation but not sure about where to go and if they are strictly following safety guidelines, Ocean Edge Resort makes a great option for families who want to get out of NYC and still participate in those summer activities. For me, it was much needed to get away and take some time to see new things since I (and most people) have been home most of summer.

Ocean Edge Resort is also offering an enticing promo right now where if you stay for three nights you get the fourth free! Click here for more details.

Our stay at Ocean Edge Resort was complimentary but all thoughts and opinions are our own.