Meal Delivery Services Are Finally Kid-Friendly Thanks To Nurture Life

Photo: Peyote Creative

Parents want the best for their kids, especially when it comes to nutrition, and entrepreneurs Jennifer Chow and Steven Minisini are no different. When their now four-year-old son started eating solid food, healthy, all-natural options were slim, and with full-time jobs and little time to meal prep, they opted to search for a delivery service to meet their needs: fresh, wholesome, ready-to-eat meals their son would love.

“We didn’t find any options we liked,” says Chow. “What was available was typically squeeze-y packs or dried food with a long shelf life.”

Never ones for taking the easy way out, Chow and Minisini channeled their skills gained from years of working in the technology industry and launched Nurture Life, the first organic, all natural, baby delivery food service in June of 2015. The endeavor joined three passions: cooking, children, and entrepreneurship, and the result is a company with executives who truly want to make a difference for parents and children across the United States.

Nurture Life’s menu items are all-natural and contain no peanuts, tree-nuts, or shellfish. The menu features three food groups, each nutritionally tailored to feed children of specific ages. Subscription is weekly, and extremely customizable in regards to menu items as well as how many meals are delivered per week.

“Our menu contains items kids will relate to and try, such as chicken nuggets or spaghetti, but each meal is balanced with vitamins and minerals, and made in a healthy way,” says Eric Bauer, Vice President of Culinary Operations who also explained that extensive research is vital in creating menu options to ensure the correct nutrients and proteins are being used in each age group’s food selection.

The meals are prepared in Nurture Life’s very own, state-of-the-art facility in Chicago, which took about a year to build. In June of 2016, Nurture Life sent out its beta projects to what the company now refers to as its Founding Families. These families gave feedback, and Nurture Life was able to adjust minor tweaks before officially launching the brand in Chicago.

On November 1st, the brand was launched nationally in New York City, and its distribution footprint now spans from the Dakotas to the east coast.

“We are so excited to launch in New York, where families crave a balance between work, lifestyle, and nutrition,” says Minisini.

The company aims to aid parents who, just like Chow and Minisini, struggled to juggle work and meal-prep amidst the many others facets of life.

“We are the only company in the market, that we know of, with a full offering from babies to 18-year-olds, with a philosophy to positively impact the healthy development of children,” says Minisini. “It’s easy to get convenience, but its hard to get convenience that’s super-high quality. We want to be a lifestyle partner for families, and that’s the commitment we have to our customers.”