Mayor de Blasio Announces Closing of Schools In Nine Zip Codes (after approved by the state)

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Mayor de Blasio Announces Closing of Schools in Nine Zip Codes (after approved by the state)

Parents, especially with kids in the blended learning cohorts, have been aware that schools (and non-essential businesses) could close if there is a resurgence of COVID cases. Unfortunately, with only a few weeks of being back in school, the Mayor announced on Sunday a proposal with state approval for 100 public and 200 non-public schools to close in nine zips codes within Queens and Brooklyn. The Mayor tweeted, “Today I’m announcing a proposal to close ALL schools and non-essential businesses in these zip codes on Wednesday, October 7.” The City of New York tweeted that “We’ve also seen upticks in the following zip codes: 11205, 11211, 11249, 11235, 11234, 11213, 11218, 11374, 11366, 11432 and 11365”.

However, Cuomo responded by overruling de Blasio and decided to move up school closures to Tuesday: “We’re going to close the schools in those areas tomorrow, and that’s that.”

Zip codes that are above 3 % positivity for seven consecutive days

With the upswing of cases in Brooklyn and Queens, this means some surrounding neighborhoods are of concern. While these zips codes have not reached the 3% positivity for seven consecutive days, they are, of course, being watched.

The Mayor also shared in his press conference, “This was not an easy choice to make, and let me be clear: we haven’t seen any issues in these schools. We must, however, be proactive about the safety and health of New Yorkers.”


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