Last Minute Toys for Every Budget Gift Guide

Last Minute Toys for Every Budget Gift Guide
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Last Minute Toys for Every Budget

If you’re behind on holiday shopping, there’s no need to fear! We’ve rounded up some of the best last minute toys for every budget.

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Around $10 and less

Last Minute Toys for Every Budget Gift Guide
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American Girl x Something Navy Holiday Fashions

American Girl® x Something Navy Mix-and-Match Holiday Fashions are the ultimate festive fashion drop for American Girl’s Truly Me line. Kids will love that it is frosty, flowy, and holiday chic.

Parents will love that kids can mix and match the sparkly looks for the perfect holiday wardrobe. Ages 6+, Starting at $10

Last Minute Toys for Every Budget Gift Guide


The ever-popular and loveable Squishmallows have some new holiday fan favs. Damien the Dino and Pikachu are sure to top wish lists along with all of the holiday and other squads. Families will also love the smaller, budget-friendly Squishville Mystery Mini Plush.

This adorable and squishy assortment features everyone’s favorite Squishmallows plush characters in a mini 2-inch size. Kids will love to collect a growing assortment of ultra-soft Squishmallows with their unique names and personalities. Ages 3+, Starting at $5.99

Last Minute Toys for Every Budget Gift Guide


Construct countless 2-D and 3-D puzzles this holiday with Kanoodle, the fan favorite, brain-twisting solitaire game. Kids will love to pick a puzzle from the book, set up the challenge, and then place the remaining pieces to solve the puzzle.

Parents will love that there are multiple levels of difficulty, all pieces store inside with a pocket-size case for easy cleanup and kids can play anywhere. Ages 7+, $10.47

Last Minute Toys for Every Budget Gift Guide

MGA’s Miniverse

Kids will love MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini Food, Diner and Cafe Series 2, the second iteration of the popular DIY line where users combine “ingredients” to create an adorable miniature replica of popular diner and café foods with mini kitchen accessories.

Combine your ingredients, set your dish in any UV light until the resin has hardened and reveal a realistic, teeny tiny replica culinary creation.

Kids will enjoy plenty of pretend play mixing up and feeding the mini meals to their favorite dolls and parents will love watching the unboxing of the tasty treats and the creative play that ensues. Ages 8+, $6.99

$15 and less

Last Minute Toys for Every Budget Gift Guide

Fingerling Unicorn Lulu

Lulu Unicorn Fingerling is an adorable, interactive baby unicorn with 70+ sounds and reactions. Kids will love to pet her, feed her, kiss her, and more! Off your finger, she’s a chatty, bubbly unicorn. On your finger, she’s your magical, supportive BFF.

Lulu’s posable tail lets her hang down or flip up, so she can sit on the desk or shelf. Parents will love the portable size makes them easy to take with you for fun on the run this holiday. Ages 5+, $14.99 

Last Minute Toys for Every Budget Gift Guide

Emotional Support Fries

Emotional Support Fries help kids learn how to express their emotions in a fun way – a plush fry for every mood. Kids will love that these fries feel just like them: happy, sad, angry, surprised or even flirty!

Parents will love that kids will cuddle these up, share with friends and family, or hand over a fry to communicate exactly how they’re feeling. $14.99 

Last Minute Toys for Every Budget Gift Guide

Crayola Wixels Activity Kits

Crayola Wixels Activity Kits offer a fun and new way to color with markers, 2D Wixel boards and an easy-to-follow color guide.

Kids will love to create colorful unicorns, animal art, or use their imagination for their own designs and watch as each Wixel board square absorbs the marker ink for a magical 2D outcome. Parents will love that the Wixel boards are washable to create endless colorful creations! Ages 6 +, $14.99


Readyland is a book that’s more fun than a toy! Amazon and Readyland made the perfect match with the first-ever interactive book based on Amazon’s Echo Dot Kids characters, Owl and Dragon, where readers can actually talk with the characters, play games and join their exciting adventures. It’s sure to create holiday cheer and lots of requests for story time ! Ages 3+, $14.99

Under $20

Last Minute Toys for Every Budget Gift Guide

Style Bae Dolls

Little fashionistas will love the Style Bae Dolls that each come with a closet full of 7 super-trendy outfits made from reusable cling stickers that make changing outfits easy and super fun!

Parents will love that each doll features a 3Dsculpted head with rooted hair and a clever 2D body so kids can mix and match tops, bottoms, and shoes to create over 850 looks, creating fab fashion and endless creative entertainment.

Kids will love to collect and style all four Bae dolls: “Y2K Gurl” Dylan,“K-Pop Princess”Kiki,“Pop PunkStar” Kenzie, and “Streetwear Queen” Harper. Ages 4+, $19.99 

Last Minute Toys for Every Budget Gift Guide

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

The possibilities are endless this holiday season with the Crayola Inspiration Art Case that allows you to take your art studio on the go!

Kids of all ages will love that this inspiring set comes with an astounding 140 tools, including Crayons, Short Colored Pencils, Washable Markers and more protected in a durable storage case to let imagination soar out of this world! Ages 4+, $19.99

Last Minute Toys for Every Budget Gift Guide


Flipeez slippers are plush slippers with personality! Kids will love these cozy, colorful and super cute slippers reveal a cuddly character with ears or arms that pop up.

Parents will love that Flipeez slippers are like warm, comfy hugs for little feet and are crafted with premium, washable materials and a non-slip sole for worry-free play. Characters include a dragon, puppy, panda and unicorn. Ages 3+, $19.99 

Under $25

Last Minute Toys for Every Budget Gift Guide

NERF Elite 2.o Double Punch

Kids will love to double the dart blasting fun with the NERF Elite 2.0 Double Punch motorized blaster that has double barrels and double clips. It features two rapid alternating barrels that move back and forth as you blast darts and includes 2x 10-dart clips so you can unleash 20 darts in a row.

Parents will love that it comes with 50 NERF ELITE 2.0 foam darts in two different colors, giving kids enough darts to load both 10-dart clips and additional darts to keep nearby in the blaster’s 10-dart onboard dart storage.

Everyone will love that this toy foam blaster adds excitement to kids’ outdoor games and it’s a great toy for high-energy, active play. Ages 8+, $23.99

Cool Maker PopStyle Bracelet Maker

Make bracelets in a snap with the Cool Maker PopStyle Bracelet Maker. Kids will love to choose from 170 gorgeous beads, place them on the elastics and pop the top to reveal their custom bracelet.

The best part is you can make and remake up to 10 bracelets by swapping out the beads any time you want. Parents will love that there are no knots, clasps, or cuts. With so many stylish combinations to choose from you’ll never run out of ways to express yourself! Ages 7+, $24.99 

Under $35

Last Minute Toys for Every Budget Gift Guide

Sharper Image Xtreme Airwave

Kids will love the Sharper Image Xtreme Airwave that performs impressive aerial acrobatics and it has flip, barrel roll, spin, and orbit capabilities. 

Parents will love that its auto-orientation flight control for steady flying and beginner-friendly, easy one-button take-off and landing, and assisted orientation flight. 

Kids will have festive fun with its built-in LED lights for fun night-time flying and two speed modes for both beginner and expert pilots. Ages 8+, $34.99 

Last Minute Toys for Every Budget Gift Guide

Cookeez Makery

Kids will love to bake something super special with Cookeez Makery Baked Treats Oven Playset, an oven-themed playset that lets kids mix and make “dough” to create their new sweet-scented plush best friend.

Kids will love the delicious unboxing and magically mixing up the recipe to create a plush puppy, bunny or kitten that magically comes out warm to the touch, and deliciously scented like either bread or cinnamon.

Parents will love that kids can repeat the pretend play baking fun by baking again and again. Ages: 5+, $34.99

Last Minute Toys for Every Budget Gift Guide

Numberblocks Step Squad Mission Headquarters

Join Numberblock Three at the Numberblocks Step Squad Mission Headquarters!

From the hit TV series Numberblocks, kids will love to play out their favorite action-packed missions and embark on exciting number adventures to practice counting, sequencing, and other early math skills alongside their favorite characters. Ages 3+, $31.99

Lite Brite Touch

Experience light art like never before with the all-new Lite Brite Touch! Kids will love that there’s a whole new way to play with light and without the pegs! Press the color-changing buttons on the board and watch as they light up.

Keep pressing to change colors as you create new pictures. Parents will love that kids can use the easy-to-follow instructions to create dazzling works of art, or have fun and design their own masterpiece.

Parents will also love that with its lightweight, portable design, this Lite-Brite is perfect for long car rides or a quiet afternoon in the living room. Ages 6+, $29.99 

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