Kids’ Hair Salons in Manhattan for Back-to-School Haircuts!

Your back to school checklist is likely already full, but don’t forget to add on haircuts! As we move into the fall season, it’s time to get a fresh cut that makes your little one feel confident. However, kids aren’t always super excited about getting a haircut. They would much rather be enjoying their last few days of summer outside. That’s why, we’ve round up a list of hair salons that create a fun experience for your little ones. With kid-friendly seats, candy, and certificates, these hair salons are all about kids! We’ve selected a range of kids’ hair salons — everything from an extravagant, cookie-themed spa and salon day to a quick and budget-friendly trim. And if your little one’s birthday is coming up, some of these salons also host birthday parties.

It’s also important to find a hair salon that you trust. Our collection of hair salons have lots of experience, so your kids will be in good hands! We’ve also taken conveniency into consideration. With your busy schedule leading up to the start of the school year, you want to go to a hair salon nearby. The hair salons are broken down by neighborhood so that you can head to one closest to you.

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