Hudson River Park Festivities Return, Celebrating Culture, Sustainability and Science Education

Hudson River Park Festivities Return, Celebrating Culture, Sustainability and Science Education
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Hudson River Park Festivities Return, Celebrating Culture, Sustainability and Science Education

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Hudson River Park is bringing New York City a jam-packed summer of bigger, bolder and brighter events, hundreds offered at no cost. 

Programming is slated to take place from May to November. In addition to long-time favorites such as the Dance Festival, Blues BBQ Festival and SUBMERGE Marine Science Festival, will also feature fitness classes and tours. 

At the heart of the 2023 lineup is cultivating a love for the environment and encouraging a cultural deep-dive into New York’s diverse human and natural histories.

The park, stretching for four miles along Manhattan’s west side, prides itself on being a haven for wildlife and a relaxing green space for residents of the concrete jungle. 

Amid the lifting of the COVID-19 global pandemic emergency, this year will be the second one to have a complete set of open-air events and community gatherings since 2019. 

“Nothing makes us happier than seeing our visitors enjoying themselves on Hudson River Park’s beautiful, landscaped piers,” Noreen Doyle, President & CEO of the Hudson River Park Trust said in a press release. “Our 2023 calendar is filled with musical, science, dance, environmental and fitness programs designed to elicit smiles, sweat and tapping toes for every age group. We’re grateful to Hudson River Park Friends for supporting our 25th anniversary programming season and for enriching the Park experience for our guests.”

The annual Dance Festival, happening on June 8 and 9, is a celebration of the city’s talent. American tapper and choreographer Ayodele Casel, along with The Missing Element, Complexions Contemporary Ballet and Paul Taylor Dance Company groups, will be taking the stage and performing against the sunset backdrop of the Pier 63 lawn. 

Once watching the performances, visitors are free to take dance lessons for salsa and Bollywood-style bhangra, or even show off their favorite fitness moves at temporary riverfront gyms during the Healthy at the Hudson series. 

Family-friendly considerations mean that the events will be available to participants of all ages. Children have the opportunity to explore the new Discovery Tank, as well as catch and release the many species of fish that call the river home, with all equipment and instruction already provided. 

The park’s team of river and marsh scientists is available to answer any questions, and families can also volunteer to join the Green Team, a community of sustainability-oriented individuals that aims to keep the park at its cleanest and most accessible. 

“There are so many ways to enjoy Hudson River Park’s 25th anniversary season of performing arts, outdoor fitness, volunteering, science education and environmental stewardship out on our four miles of piers,” said Connie Fishman, the executive director of the fundraising group and sponsor of the season. “We’re so excited [for] another year of outstanding free programs and events in New York City’s biggest water park.”

Check out the full calendar of events here

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