How to Help Ukraine Right Now

How to Help Ukraine Right Now
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How to Help Ukraine Right Now*

In the first large European war in Ukraine in decades- the invasion intensifies every hour. The harm and damage it is doing to the people of Ukraine – is not only saddening; it will cause harm for many years to come. According to a recent statement sent out Tuesday, March 1st, UNICEF’s new Executive Director Catherine M. Russell shared, “We are receiving reports of hospitals, schools, water and sanitation facilities and orphanages under fire. Explosive weapons in populated areas and explosive remnants of war are real and present dangers for the children of Ukraine.” Russell also shared what many of us have been hearing in the news, “Children have been killed. Children have been wounded. And children are being profoundly traumatized by the violence all around them.”

Here are charities currently on the ground in Ukraine helping the people of this country with immediate aid. 

Catholic Relief Service

CRS and their partner Caritas Ukraine are asking for donation in order to continue and provide more  support as the Ukraine. Pre crisis Caritas Ukraine humanitarian assistance for Ukraine has been in the form of clothing, footwear and other necessary items to hundreds of people a week in Ukraine. Currently they are on the ground providing the Ukrainian people with warm blankets, food, supplies and some toys.


Care is a global leader striving to end worldwide poverty. Currently, their focus is on Ukraine, where they are asking for donations to reach 4 million with immediate relief. 

They are dedicated to helping with aid, recovery, food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and cash assistance. They are prioritizing women and girls, families, and the elderly. Donate here.

International Committee of Red Cross

Presently, the ICRS is working with the Ukrainian Red Cross Society with essential support for the Ukrainian people. Some emergency assistance they are providing are vital needs like food and water. They are also helping hospitals with medical equipment, repairing water stations, and supporting separated families. Donate here.


UNICEF is working on getting safe water to conflict-affected areas and providing health support via hygiene and emergency education supplies as close as possible to communities near the line of contact. They are also working with municipalities to secure immediate help for children and families in need. UNICEF-supported mobile teams are also providing psychosocial care to support traumatized children. UNICEF needs $ 66.4 million to provide access to essential services, including water and sanitation, immunization and health care, schooling and learning, psychosocial support, and emergency cash assistance for up to 7.5 million children. Donate Here

World Central Kitchen

This is one unique organization founded by Spanish-American chef José Andrés. WCK TEAM and volunteers (like firefighters!) are currently serving meals in the south of Poland near the Ukrainian border, where they are working with the city to provide hot meals to refugees crossing. Donate here or start a donation campaign for WCK

Save the Children

Save the children is currently focusing on the 7.5 million children in Ukraine who are in danger. They are providing children and families with immediate support in food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and cash assistance. Donate here

*we will be adding to this list as the crisis intensifies

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