Guide to Visiting the New York Hall of Science

Guide to Visiting the New York Hall of Science
Photo courtesy of the New York Hall of Science

Guide to Visiting the New York Hall of Science

No one is too old to be wowed by the wonders of science. Kids, parents and everyone in between can have hands-on experiences at the New York Hall of Science

Founded at the 1964/1965 World’s Fair, the science museum in Queens has evolved into an interactive center where anyone can feel empowered to be a scientist and explore how science intersects with different facets of the world. 

When you enter the museum, be sure to look up. You’ll be greeted by “Finding the Window” by Romina Gonzales, a glass art installation commissioned to welcome visitors back to the museum in Summer 2021. 

Each glass piece used in the piece is completely unique and interacts with the natural light in different ways to create “pockets of wonder” for viewers. 

This isn’t the only place where science and art intersect at the New York Hall of Science. Visitors can see art installations throughout the museum, each of which interacts with science in a different way. 

All throughout the museum, visitors can learn about different aspects of science in unique, exciting and hands-on ways. 

There’s no limit to what you can learn as you walk through the museum’s exhibits: see how energy transforms and powers our lives in Powering the City, how technology can supplement and enhance human abilities in Human Plus, how microorganisms impact our health in Small Discoveries and much more. 

Guide to Visiting the New York Hall of Science
Photo courtesy of the New York Hall of Science

Young builders and engineers can create and build their ideas to life in areas like the Design Lab and Maker Space. 

Adults and children alike will be enamored with Connected Worlds. This immersive exhibit brings visitors into a whimsical and interactive animated world.

Your actions, gestures and decisions have a real-time impact on this world. Learn about sustainability and how your actions affect the balance of the world around you. 

Little ones in your family don’t need to be left out of the fun. Preschool Place is the perfect spot for children under 6 to explore, discover and build through multi-sensory activities. 

If you need a break from having fun in the exhibits, relax and watch a movie in the museum’s 3D Theater. The movies on view change throughout the year. You can catch anything from science documentaries to feature-length films.

Current movies on view include Pandas: The Journey Home, Hidden Pacific and Serengeti. Be sure to keep an eye on the museum’s website for the most up-to-date schedule! 

Take your learning experience beyond the walls of the museum and onto the streets of New York with Science City Explorers. This augmented reality scavenger hunt, powered through Snapchat, gives users a firsthand look at the tech that runs the city.

While teaching visitors about science, the New York Hall of Science offers a glimpse back at history. Mathematica, which shows visitors how math impacts our world, was an exhibit that was on view at the 1964/1965 New York World’s Fair.

In addition to housing a mini golf course that teaches players about the laws of motion, Rocket Park is home to real rockets and replicas of craft like Friendship 7. 

The New York Hall of Science is sure to win the hearts and minds of everyone in your family while also giving them an avenue to learn about science, history and more. 

Guide to Visiting the New York Hall of Science
Photo courtesy of the New York Hall of Science


47-01 111th St., Queens, NY 11368
Admission and Hours: 
Tuesday: 10 am to 2 pm
Wednesday through Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm


General Admission: $16 adults; $13 children, students and seniors
Add-On Experiences: 3D Theater, Rocket Park Mini Golf

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