Feel And Experience Africa At The New Victory Theater’s Newest Show “Mother Africa: My Home”

Photo by Hans-Juergen Herrmann

Enjoy and experience the jolly spirit of “Mother Africa: My Home,” with its mix of modern circus acts and African dance and music coming to The New Victory Theater this holiday season!

Set in Cape Town’s Khayelitsha, one of the biggest townships in South Africa, the story of “Mother Africa: My Home” will take audiences on a journey through the African continent showing the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

“The show combines dance, music, and circus acrobats and brings it to one stage,” co-creator and producer Hubert Schober says. “The best musicians and artists from throughout Africa are trained and selected to show their talents to the world. Each artist is encouraged to share what “home” means to them, whether it is a particular tradition of music, a type of dance movement or an attitude or outlook.”

To celebrate diversity and encourage unity among tribes, the show casts a diverse group of artists from South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and the Ivory Coast to bring their ancestry to the stage.

Creators of “Mother Africa: My Home” wanted to showcase the joy, prosperity, and a zest for life throughout Africa, despite the common depictions of Africa as violent and inhumane, particularly after the apartheid in the 1960’s.

“’Mother Africa: My Home’ celebrates the goodness in our townships – particularly in Cape Town. The show will show the colorful, creative, and incredibly multifaceted sided of Cape Town, South Africa,” says Schober.

Singing and dancing is a favorite pastime in Africa, according to Schober. “From a young age, Africans will get up and dance as soon as some music is on, no matter what kind. When you walk down the street, you will hear all different kinds of music, coming from the church, coming out of someone’s boom box, or someone playing an instrument. Dance and music is just a way of life.”

As an audience, you will get up on your feet and start dancing as you experience the traditional dance of Zulu combined with break-dance, as well as popular songs combined with African music. In the meantime, you are helping young people in townships around Johannesburg, as a portion of the company’s profits benefit local charities. “Mother Africa: My Home” supports several social associations such as South African projects like “Zip Zap Circus” and “Dam Ditty Doo.” They offer education in dance, music, acting, design, photography, and film to children and teenagers from the townships around Johannesburg.

Enjoy this energetic performance this holiday season at The New Victory Theater from December 2, 2016 to January 1, 2017. Tickets on sale now.