February It Figures

Fit Facts

Percent of children’s trips from home in the 1960s that were by car: 40

Percent today: 75

Percent of eligible children who take advantage of their school’s free and reduced-price breakfast program: Less than 50

Amount Kellogg’s awarded nine school districts to fight childhood obesity by encouraging greater participation: $300,000

Number of Kellogg’s cereals the Environmental Working Group included in the “10 worst for kids” list, based on their sugar content: 5

Percent sugar by weight of Kellogg’s Honey Smacks, which tops the list: 56

Percent drop in childhood obesity in Philadelphia in the four years since the city’s schools removed sugar-sweetened drinks from vending machines and fryers from cafeterias: 4.5

Celebration Stats

Average pounds of avocados consumed in guacamole on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 3: 71.4 million

Average pounds of chicken wings consumed: 100 million

Number of cupcake retailers that sprang up nationwide in the past decade: More than 400

Number of languages Angie Dudley’s seminal cookbook on cake pops has been translated into: 11

Amount raised for 25 charities by EchoAge, a website created by two Toronto moms to promote charitable giving instead of unwanted gifting at children’s birthday parties: More than $1 million

Number of children treated in emergency rooms every year for bounce-house injuries: 11,000

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