10 Favorite Acupuncture Facilities in New York City

acupuncture in new york

This year has been nothing short of chaotic, and with the stress of the unpredictable school year ahead of us, now is a great time to give yourself the opportunity to heal and rejuvenate. This is exactly what the practice of acupuncture aims to do. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese treatment meant to relieve pain, encourage relaxation, and re-energize the body and mind. The ancient practice uses extremely fine needles to target specific areas on the face and body, resulting in a myriad of health benefits. Different combinations of needle placements on the body can achieve different healing results (there are as many as 2,000 acupuncture points on the human body!). Take a look at our roundup on some of New York City’s favorite places to get acupuncture treatments (and they’re all continuing treatment with special attention to cleanliness and responsible social distancing during COVID). 

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Favorite Acupuncture Facilities in New York City

1. Yinova Center

At Yinova, expert acupuncturists combine practices from both Eastern and Western medicine, as they see fit. Yinova’s team gives customized treatments according to the patient’s unique needs, addressing concerns like headaches, hormone imbalances, postpartum health, and more. Patients can choose what they’d like to treat, and book an appointment online from there. Initial consultations will be done online only, in light of COVID.  They have locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

Pricing: Ranges from $85 – $250

Hours: Mon – Fri 8 am – 7 pm, Sat 9 am – 4 pm, Sun 10 am – 4 pm


East Side Location

150 East 58th Street, 6th Floor Annex

New York, NY 10155


Flatiron Location

150 East 58th Street, 6th Floor Annex

New York, NY 10155


Brooklyn Heights Location

150 East 58th Street, 6th Floor Annex

New York, NY 10155


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WTHN offers a wide variety of acupuncture services, that the staff specially tailors to each individual guest. All acupuncturists at WTHN are highly experienced, each with a Master’s or Doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. During an acupuncture appointment at this facility, guests are offered an entirely natural experience, complete with sound therapy, heated tables, and a wellness lounge. 

Pricing: Ranges from $65 – $85

Hours: Mon – Fri 9 am – 9 pm, Sat – Sun 10 am – 7 pm


20 W 22nd Street

New York, NY 10010

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3. Tigerlily Holistic

Tigerlily Holistic offers acupuncture treatment in a group setting. Not only does it give the opportunity for what Tigerlily calls “healing through proximity,” but it makes it possible for the Holistic Center to treat a higher volume of patients. Though, due to the pandemic, they’re accepting significantly less patients than usual. They’re focused on making their healing practices widely available, so they also offer telehealth services for those who are unable to join in person, for financial or COVID reasons.  So book your appointment soon! 

Pricing: $60 – $80

Hours: Mon 3 pm – 6 pm, Tues 10 am – 1 pm, Wed – Fri 3 pm – 6 pm,

Sat/Sun (alternating) 10 am – 4 pm

Location: 360 Jefferson St, suite 1c 

Brooklyn, NY 11237

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4. Gotham Wellness Acupuncture 

The founder of Gotham Wellness, Stefanie DiLibero, has been working in wellness for over 15 years. According to her bio, DiLibero specializes in cosmetic acupuncture, TMJ disorder, stress reduction, emotional wellbeing & corporate wellness using the tools of Chinese medicine and her professional training in Pilates, Yamuna body rolling, yoga, and manual therapeutic techniques. She’s studied in Thailand, Turks & Caicos, Boston, and, of course, New York. She’s extremely proud of her experience and incorporates her worldly education into her practices at Gotham Wellness Acupuncture. 

Pricing: $175 – $275

Hours: Mon – Fri 11 am – 9 pm, Sat – Sun Noon – 4 pm 


580 Broadway Suite 711 

New York, NY 10012

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5. The Juhi Ash Center

Acupuncture services at the Juhi Ash Center strive to bring patients balance and relaxation. Their focus on guiding the body to a place of balance is meant to work with each individual’s constitution. They offer both facial acupuncture and body acupuncture. They note that their acupuncture services promote rapid healing within the body. 

Pricing: Contact for individual estimate 

Hours: Mon – Fri, 10 am – 6 pm


800A 5th Avenue, Suite 205

New York, NY 10065

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6. Hima Acupuncture

Hima Acupuncture focuses on the connection between mind-body wellbeing and the radiant glow of beauty. The owner of Hima, Snow Xia, was a former patient of acupuncture and other Chinese medicinal treatments, inspiring her to eventually dedicate her career to these ancient practices. She’s been recognized by Expertise.com as one of the top acupuncturists in NYC in 2019 and 2020, and has made it her mission to provide others with this restorative health treatments. 

Pricing: Contact for individual estimate 

Hours: Mon 3 pm – 7 pm, Tues – Fri 9 am – 7 pm


Manhattan – NoMad

1182 Broadway, Suite 3A

New York, NY 10001

​Brooklyn – Williamsburg

111 North 7th St

Brooklyn, NY 11249

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7. AB Acupuncture

AB Acupuncture practices specialized treatments for migraines, orthopedic pain, TMJ, anxiety, stress relief, and insomnia. Annalisa Brown, owner of AB Acupuncture, studied acupuncture in Japan and has a strong interest in immune health, Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia and related conditions. Brown also offers facial rejuvenation acupuncture treatments, claiming she can reduce signs of aging on the face. Her mission is to help patients achieve their health goals. Brown is offering both in-person and virtual visits.

Pricing: Contact for individual estimate 

Hours: Tues – Thu 10 am – 7 pm


133 W. 72nd St. Suite 704

New York, NY 10023

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8. Comuni Acupuncture 

The acupuncturists at Comuni have received the highest degree in the field of acupuncture; they’re both Doctors of Acupuncture. They’ve made it their mission to make acupuncture and alternative medicine more accessible, offering quality treatments at affordable costs. Veronica Abril, one of the acupuncture specialists at Comuni, is highly experienced in treating a wide range of ailments including: weight loss, emotional disorders, digestive disorders, pain management, Bell’s Palsy and fertility.

Pricing: $70 – $85

Hours: Monday 9:30 am – 7 pm, Tues – Thu 3 pm – 7 pm, Fri 9:30 am – 7 pm, Sat 9:30 am – 4 pm, Sun 10 am – 2 pm


71-36 110th Street, #1M

Forest Hills, NY 11375

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9. Conscious Health and Wellness 

Miriam Pineles, the founder and clinical director of Conscious Health and Wellness, specializes in women’s health concerns, particularly, perinatal health. She’s made it her mission to focus on women’s health. Miriam treats a variety of gynecological disorders including PMS, Painful/heavy periods, PMDD, PCOS, Endometriosis, Cysts, Fibroids and more.

Pricing: $75 – $200

Hours: Mon – Thu 9 am – 3 pm, Fri 9 am – 1 pm, Sun 10 am – 5 pm


445 Central Avenue #206

Cedarhurst, NY 11516

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10. Luke Hamilton Acupuncture 

Luke Hamilton is an acupuncturist specializing in structural realignment, injury rehabilitation, and holistic wellness. He uses a massage technique called “tui na,” which translates to “push, grasp.” It’s a Chinese medicine meant to re-align the layers of the musculoskeletal system. Hamilton says that acupuncture can treat anything from sports injuries to headaches to infertility. He gives advice in his appointments about what kinds of things patients can do at home to work in tandem with his treatments, in order to achieve a speedy recovery and lasting relief.

Pricing: $125 – $180

Hours: Sun 12:30 pm – 4:40 pm, Mon 7:30 am – 7 pm, Tues 8 am – 8 pm, Wed 7:30 am – 11 am


32 Union Square East Suite 615 North

New York, NY

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