Car Review: Take a Road Trip With the Chevrolet Equinox 2019!

chevy car
2019 Chevrolet Equinox

This year I made a goal that we would go on more road trips. Roadtrips are not a hard sell for my husband. He grew up in the midwest, and his family drove, still drives everywhere! My honeymoon consisted of a road trip via the scenic Pacific Coast Highway. With my new mother, father, and brother-in-law, we explored the gorgeous coastline, and yes, they went on our honeymoon! That was my first big road trip. They love the scenic routes, listening to books, and stopping in the in-between.

I am a car complainer, and I have been working hard on learning to love a good road trip. One of my husband’s childhood memories was when his parents took the family (4 kids!) on a road trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania to visit Hershey Park. It was a big trip, driving from Missouri to Pennsylvania with four young children. I had been twirling the thought in my head of taking this same trip this summer with my family as I knew the distance wasn’t too far, but I hesitated as I was worried about having a comfortable drive with two young kids. When Chevrolet through some psychic powers invited me to Hershey Park and the opportunity to drive the 2019 Chevy Equinox car, I was in!

The car ride turned out to be one of the best parts of the trip. Driving in a car that is designed for a family is the key to a successful car ride, whether it be it four hours away or forty minutes. Here are some of my fav features of the Chevrolet, Equinox 2019.

Chevy equinox
2019 Chevrolet Equinox

Rear Seat Reminder

Although the hotspot/wifi is cool, my favorite feature is the rear-seat reminder, a first in the car industry. This feature is a reminder to check the rear doors. It works by activating when either rear door is opened and closed up to 10 minutes before the vehicle is started or while the car is running. The car chimes five times and displays a message in the driver information center that reads”Rear Seat Reminder/Look in Rear Seat” the next time you turn the car off. Why I love this feature is my toddler is autistic and non-verbal, and having prompts such as these is a big deal.

The 4G LTE WiFi & Connectivity

While my husband’s top two favorites were the overall design of the car and the Surround Vision, which are quite important. My other hands down fav is the Wi-Fi hotspot. It was instrumental to keeping my kids entertained while on their tablets. My youngest, like his father, loves a long, scenic drive but my oldest gets super restless. The built-in Wi-Fi worked through the entire trip, and my son was happy.

Surround Vision

This Technology feature is perfect, especially for city driving. Four strategically placed cameras provide a bird’s eye view of the car while you’re maneuvering it at a slow speed. This helps with those sneaky drivers who seem to come out of nowhere.

chevy equionox
2019 Chevrolet Equinox

Ample Room

When you first glance at the car, you don’t think of it as being super roomy, definitely not small but spacious didn’t come to mine. When we started to load our bags, we were surprised how much room there was. We do not pack light, even for a weekend trip, we were able to have our kids’ booster and car seat fit nice and secure. The back trunk area had generous storage space, even after we placed the stroller in it.

Teen Driver

My children are not close to driving, but the Teen Driver feature is pretty cool. It is a report card that encourages your teen to drive safely. In this age of teens wanting to be on their phone or text messaging, this feature is something I hope will be the norm when my sons are ready to drive.

To summarize our testing of the Equinox 2019, we thoroughly enjoyed the drive and I was super appreciative of the thoughtful features which felt that they had family in mind when designed.

To learn more about the Chevy, 2019 Equinox, check it out here!

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