Facial Bars Are Perfect Way To Pamper Busy Moms

Photo: Blitz Facial Bar on Instagram

Getting a facial is the ultimate luxury beauty experience. The relaxing spa atmosphere, the great skin benefits, the hour to two hour window of no interruptions from the outside world; it is an experience that almost every woman craves and deserves, especially if they are a mom.

Being a New York City mom is different than being a mom anywhere else, because not only are you keeping up with your 9-5 responsibilities, either at the office or at home, and running after your kids, but you are navigating through the streets of New York, which are filled air pollutants and an abundance of tourists, runners, and fellow city dwellers. Life can get chaotic really quickly, and it seems like whether you are in your office, with the kids, or walking through the city, time alone is a rarity.

Thankfully, some spots are opening up around the city that really get what it’s like to be a New York City mom, and are offering facial treatments that are tranquil, pampering, and healthy for your skin, but can fit realistically into your time restraints, with appointments ranging from 30 to 75 minutes long.

“For busy moms who don’t have a lot of time to invest in taking care of themselves, facial bars make skincare faster, more affordable and more convenient than ever before,” says Cindy Kim, co-founder of Silver Mirror, a new facial bar on the Upper East Side. “Unlike spas, where a facial can be an almost two-hour time commitment, facial bars follow the industry trend of making a high-quality personal service accessible and affordable. In addition, because facials are the one thing that we focus all of our efforts on, we are able to offer highly specialized and customized treatments for our clients that they may not be able to get for the same price point or time efficiency at other places around the city.”

With skincare being such an important cornerstone to personal health, anti-aging, and relaxation, adding a facial to your list of monthly or biweekly beauty and health regiments may not be a bad idea. Though facials of the past have always been promoted as a luxurious thing to do before a big event or something that only the rich and famous get to do regularly, facial bars allow women to expand their skincare to more than what is down the drug store aisle, creating an opportunity to work with a professional to target your skin’s specific concerns during your appointment and through product recommendations from estheticians.

“Similar to frequent exercise, regular facials are necessary for maintaining healthy, younger looking skin. We recommend getting a facial every 4 to 6 weeks,” says Laura and Rena Polley, founds of Blitz Facial Bar in Park Slope. “Being proactive and continuously looking after your skin helps to slow down the signs of aging, keeping your skin clear, healthy and nourished. It’s also equally important to maintain an at-home skin care regime in between appointments to see the best results.”

So, what sort of targeted treatments can moms expect from a facial bar? Some of our favorites include the 30-minute Mom-To-Be facial from Silver Mirror, designed to address dehydration and puffiness with pregnancy-safe products, the 60-minute O2 Blitz from Blitz Facial Bar, designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles with the power of oxygen, and the 75-minute signature facial from Heyday, which allows time to address every single one of your skin concerns. If you need a skin detox in under 10 minutes, we suggest the a visit to the BeautyRx Peel Bar (at either the Butterfly Studio Salon or Blushington Makeup & Lounge). Courtesy of everyone’s favorite dermatologist, Dr. Schultz, this 40% glycolic facial peel works to penetrate the top layers of the skin and promote collagen production, all while leaving your skin soft and glowing and your pores practically non-existent.

While skin care is the number one perk of visiting a facial bar, the high-end products used, combined with the luxurious atmosphere, create the ultimate pampering experience.

“Other than our fantastic treatments, guests can look forward to comfy beds, great music, refreshing decor, and phone chargers in each treatment room, which are actually loft nooks versus private rooms, ” reads a statement from Heyday, located in NoMad and Tribeca. “Also, our facial doesn’t end when our clients leave the chair. Through thoughtful communication, we stay in touch with our clients to help them build healthy skincare habits. This includes post-treatment emails from your skin therapist with a detailed skincare plan for the future with product recommendations and daily rituals to ensure your skin is on its way to a healthy future!”

Whether you are a busy mom looking to book some relaxation into your schedule, or interested in getting more involved in your skin’s health, you can’t go wrong booking an appointment at your local facial bar.