Our Guide to Essential Oils for Busy Moms

From headaches to stressful days of work, essential oils have received the hype when it comes to treating any sort of discomfort. Aromatherapy has developed into the practice of using essential oils for their therapeutic benefit. These types of oils are not meant to be consumed but instead, are diffused to give off their strong scent. Another way involves massaging it into the skin depending on what oil you are using for treatment. For more information on essential oils and their benefits, check this article published by Johns Hopkins Medicine

Moms, this list of different essential oils can tend to whatever you may need help with — especially when school starts back up again.

Lavender – Seeking some relaxation? This essential oil is used to relieve stress and greatly help with anxiety. On top of that, you’ll even sleep better at night.

Lemon – This one’s amazing for boosting immunity. Get ahead of the sickness that fall and winter may bring this year, and you can increase prevention against a cold or a cough.

Tea Tree – Not typically one for diffusing, but instead amazing on the skin. A little goes a long way and its anti-inflammatory properties can treat insect bites, relieve eczema and dermatitis, and has been known for wound healing.

Grapefruit – A great diluted oil used to relieve migraines and tension headaches. Just rub some of it on your forehead and temples to help release the pain and tension.

Eucalyptus – You can use this as a natural home cleaner due to its various disinfectant properties. It is also known to silence coughs, clear up your chest and even disinfect wounds.

Fennel – If you are currently a mom who’s breastfeeding, fennel oil is great to apply to the chest to increase breast milk supply.

Basil – A great alternative to fennel oil, it also helps increase lactation. Along with this, it’s shown to make you feel more relaxed and even relieve depression. 

Frankincense – If you are looking to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, apply a little bit of this oil that’s known for eliminating scars. 

Peppermint – Have cramps or a stomach ache? Rub some of this oil on your abdomen to relieve any of the discomfort. It is also known to eliminate odor in houses and even draw out ticks.

Jasmine – With its various antibacterial properties, it can be used as an excellent germ killing disinfectant around the house. It can also be used as a form of an antidepressant, as it is seen to have an uplifting effect on mood.