Elle Belle Makes New Friends On Sesame Street

MNFTo me, “Sesame Street” means sunny days, Elmo and other happy monster friends, and educational and life lessons for us little tykes. Sesame Street Live: Make a New Friend was all this and more! From fun, educational tidbits (ABCs, culture, friendship) to sensational musical numbers (think a Sesame version of Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”), the show was excellent and I give it two happy thumbs up!

Sesame Street Live: Make a New Friend celebrated diversity and friendship. What more could you want in a fun, family show? I learned that friends can be old and true or special and new. Just like my favorite TV show, the performance started with the number of the day, the number 2. There was a great musical number about two friends, you and me, and we learned that Chamki, Grover’s dear friend from “Fuzzbook” would be coming to visit from her native country of India. Grover could not wait to make her visit absolutely perfect. He came up with 100 amazing things to do in one day (even hot yoga and a visit to the Museum of Monster Art). I wish I could play with Grover and Chamki!

Chamki was nervous to meet Grover’s friends but after a song, “I am Special,” she was ready. The song empowered her to know that no matter where you come from or what language you speak, there is a lot we can learn from each other and there is something special about everyone. And we are all really just the same. It made me feel special just listening!

Then Chamki met all of Grover’s (and us kiddos’, too!) favorite friends. Abby, Elmo, Cookie, and the whole gang were there! They sang a cool song, “Hi, Hi!” as they all said hello to Chamki. We learned how to introduce ourselves, the ABCs, and other important life lessons as the show went on. Then I sang along to the words: “ I am special, I’m important, so count me in!” as the Count led us in a rocking Sesame version of “Count Me In” that had everyone up and dancing to the theme of celebrating diversity and accepting everyone.

The next act kicked off—or should I slid off—with the Elmo slide! We all got to move and shake it with Elmo and friends. I shook my bum bum with my favorite Sesame friends before heading back to my seat for the second half of the show.

Through song, dance, and educational lessons mixed in, we learned that you can make new friends and keep the old. Abby and Chamki were happily making new friends but Elmo and Grover were sad because they felt left out. That all soon changed when Chamki and Grover’s old and true friends were learning about her homeland of India, her language, traditions, and she taught them a traditional Indian dance.

Speaking of dance, there were some fantastic numbers including a spoof of “Moves Like Jagger” with each Sesame friend doing their own signature dance (like my buddy Bert doing moves like Bert and doing the pigeon!) and “Hot or Cold” about friendship and play dates. But my favorite dance was to “Jai Ho” when Chamki taught everyone a traditional Indian dance to perform to surprise Grover. When they surprised him they even got to ride on an elephant. It was wild!

After the great surprise, Grover transformed into Super Grover and he and Chamki could complete his list in the last few hours of her visit. But we really learned that it is more fun and special just spending time together. And I loved spending time together with my family and my Sesame friends. We all had a blast while learning so much. I’m still thinking about my sunny day at Sesame as it is snowing!

Though this show has finished its NYC run, there are plenty more dates at venues throughout the Northeast. To learn more about Sesame Street Live, click HERE!