Easy Earth Day Crafts for Kids to Do at Home

earth day craftsIt is crucial to teach our kids about the Earth. Now more than ever, we need to have these conversations, which can be tailored to kids in a number of ways. There are songs about the Earth, fantastic books, art projects, and daily practices that we all can do in the home to encourage kids to think about conservation, activism and action that goes beyond April 22nd.

With this year making the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, we got into the spirit by making two upcycled crafts. These simple crafts focus on using materials that can be found in the house and can be modified to accommodate your kids’ ages. Bonus: they can also serve as a fun supplement to your homeschooling unit on Earth Day.

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poster board earth day craft for kids

Poster Board Craft

This can also be modified to make bookmarks or a journal cover.


Get an old box such as a cereal box, cracker box, etc.(we used a cereal box)
Mod podge
Scissors or box cutter


  1. Get your box
  2. Cut the box into the shape you’d like to use
  3. Paint a base layer
  4. Create your art such as making a collage using old magazines, stickers, etc. You can also add a quote, paint, or whatever you’d like. We made a heart and wrote, “Everyone is Creative.”
  5. Let it dry
  6. Apply a layer of Mod Podge to seal in your masterpiece
  7. Display

paper mache earth day craft for kids

Paper Mache Craft


Paper materials (We used old magazines, tissue paper and a firm base like a piece of cardboard)
Paper mache mixture (1/2 cup of glue, 1/2 cup of flour, and 1 cup of water)
Paint brush


  1. Make the paper mache mixture and mix
  2. Cut up pieces of paper into strips
  3. Apply the paper mache mixture to your strips and place them on the cardboard
  4. Let dry
  5. Create a picture (We did reduce, reuse, recycle)

Alternative Project:

Make the cardboard strips smaller and follow the same steps to make bookmarks.