East Woods School Hires First Female Head of School

Laura Kang, an educator with more than 30 years of experience, was hired as East Woods School’s first female head of school in July. She was brought on as head of school after a unanimous vote by the Board of Trustees and will lead East Woods School in its 71st year.

“I am excited to help East Woods prepare its students for the future they will face in a rapidly changing world,” Kang says. “My goal is to keep the strengths and traditions of the school alive while refining and honing every aspect of our program, especially in the areas of critical thinking, technology, and cultural understanding.”

This will be Kang’s 34th year as an independent school educator and 10th year as a head of school, which was her previous position at Mizzentop Day School in Pawling. She received her undergraduate degree and teaching certification in English Education from the University of Kansas and has received several honors and awards throughout her career.

“The East Woods community is a joy. It’s very tight-knit, and our parents are focused on family,” Kang says. “The school’s academic, creative, and community service programs are especially strong, and as a former teacher myself, these were important to me. Public speaking is taught from nursery through eighth grade in a very intentional way that builds student confidence. It’s easy to spot East Woods graduates in a crowd of children or teenagers due to their poise. I love all these aspects of the school.”

East Woods School is an independent private school in Oyster Bay serving children in pre-nursery to eighth grade. 

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Main image: Laura Kang was hired as East Woods School’s first female head of school in July.
Courtesy East Woods School