Dorm Room Essentials for Every College Student

Dorm Room Essentials for Every College Student
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Dorm Room Essentials for Every College Student

With the new school year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start stocking up on dorm room essentials.

A new room, bed, and home can be difficult to adjust to but coming prepared can make all the difference. These great deals on high quality dorm room must haves will help you stay a step ahead. 

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We all know that good sleep is essential to high performance in just about any area of life, and  good linen can help your student achieve a good sleep.

Check out this amazing comfy college dorm linen set which includes a plush comforter, sheets, a pillow case, a mattress pad, a cozy throw, a set of cotton towels, a jumbo laundry bag, and even a deluxe shower tote, all for just $97.


A lamp will be your student’s best friend all through late night study sessions. Reading and reviewing material before bed will also be made possible with a reliable, high quality lamp.

This table lamp comes with an LED light bulb, is available in 4 different colors, and costs just $8.


If you’re looking to beat stifling air and sticky heat, this one’s for you. College dorm rooms can get hot and stuffy from the heaters during winter months, and having a fan will come in handy during the spring.

This 2-speed desk fan will help with air circulation and will keep things cool. 

Shoe Rack

Staying organized will help keep your student’s mind organized, which will allow them to focus on work. The last thing you need is to be tripping over your own shoes when you’re rushing out to class in the morning.

A shoe rack will help keep things neat and will help you find shoes when you need them. You can go for an on the floor shoe rack, or an over the door shoe organizer if you have less floor space available. 

Mini Fridge

A mini fridge will let you keep snacks and drinks nearby. This 6 liter fridge is lightweight and convenient. It comes with removable shelves and has a special feature which allows you to convert it from a cooler to a warmer with just the flip of a switch. And the best part is that it costs only $36.99. 

Keep in mind: some university dorms have policies against bringing your own fridge and require you to rent one from the school. Be sure to check school policies before buying!

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are a must, since there won’t be anyone else around to clean up after your student.

Here are some great deals on Lysol spray (2 pack), disinfecting Clorox wipes, and laundry detergent (Woolite 3 pack) to get you started. You might also want to check out this broom with clip on dust pan set, which doesn’t take up much space and will help you keep dust from piling up. 

School Supplies

Whether your student is making to-do lists, writing up daily schedules, or jotting down reminders, some pens and paper will always come in handy. This desk supplies organizer has six compartments which will help keep supplies in one place.

You can also check out these pens, notebooks, and this calendar/monthly planner, for some great options.  


Yes, I saved the best for last. This is probably the most exciting of all the dorm room essentials. The truth is that a dorm room aesthetic is more important than it may seem. Let’s not forget that this will be your student’s home for a while.

These string lights are just $6 and will give your room a soft, pretty glow, and these photo clip string lights will help decorate your room with the memories you’re making. If you want to hang your pictures but would rather leave the lights out of it you can check out this photo/artwork wall display