7 Diverse Podcasts for Moms: Start Listening Now

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Listening to podcasts is something I can do regardless of how crazy my day is, even with a four-year-old attached to me like velcro. So whether this is when the last child finally falls asleep (yes!) or when I am doing mindless work – I  tune in, listen to other parents, and their stories. Some of these podcasts I listen to pretty consistently while others are newly added to my repertoire. I want to know more. To learn more. Where can I achieve a deeper understanding of what others go through, especially from other mothers’ experiences and perspectives? These moms share everything from potty training to the more serious matters such as the state of the world. And I appreciate them all; one listen at a time.

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Diverse Podcasts for Moms To Start Listening to Now

Talk Cool Moms

One of my personal favorites, a bi-weekly podcast hosted by “we’re not like regular moms; we’re cool moms” – Elise Peterson. Episodes share stories from pregnancy and loss to coping with transitions. What I appreciate about this podcast is that the discussions demystify what motherhood truly is with frank conversation and truth.

Mom Life Yo

This energetic listen was created by Breegan Jane and T Lopez as a judgment-free space that unites mothers. Sharing conversations with other mothers with everything from feeling comfortable with your doctor to hearing CEO and Founder of We All Grow Latina Network, Ana Flores, sharing on reshaping the life you want by following your gut coupled with instinct. Podcasts are insightful — the takeaway being you feel encouraged and energized from these insightful mom conversations.

Woke Mommy Chatter

A show we can all benefit from listening to, especially with the turmoil the world is in with the recent killing of George Floyd. Woke Mommy Chatter is a podcast for socially conscious mothers that focuses on black and brown lives. Subjects range from the current state if the world (Black Lives Matter — A response to the George Floyd murder) to chatting with author Nefertiti Austin of Motherhood So White: A Memoir of Race, Gender, and Parenting on her black mom experience and her road to adoption and parenting. This podcast is raw, open, and most importantly, an honest listen.

The Latina Mom Legacy

Janny Perez focuses on growing up Hispanic and multicultural moms. These moms share on everyday life with the issues many of us are dealing with from money saving tips to living with the new norm of coronavirus. A recent conversation with Laura Diaz-Alberto A Black Latina Mom’s Perspective on Race in America and the Latino Community touches on each person doing their part when it comes to the black community and admitting if you are the problem when it comes to race.

Experiencing Motherhood Single & Black

A podcast for single moms with a focus on single parenting. Also, the creator of Experiencing Motherhood Single & Black, Kim, shares on her journey as a millennial single black mother. This podcast shares tips to help to educate and offers support while touching on issues with topics that are relevant such as Saving Money on Grocery Shopping and Co-Parenting from a Single Dad’s Perspective.


Mommifaceted shares how on real motherhood and its journey. With stories from successful black mothers, topics touch on Managing All the Different Parts of You + Mental Load and Motherhood with Dr. Jessica Young Brown to Keeping Your Marriage Strong During the Quarantine. Conversations are full of tips and wisdom learned from the hard lessons of dealing with mom guilt to changing the narrative of where you are at life.

FAM: For All Moms

A great podcast to listen to if you’re missing those playground meetups with your besties. Topics such as Stop Should-ing on Yourself and Talking to Your Kids About Tragedy touch on experiences and situations we all have or go through. Hosts Susan and Sharzad are relatable and open about their own lives, including the embarrassing moments — truth we all need a dose of these days!