Anti-Racism Books for Kids and Teens

With racism being at the forefront in the news these last few weeks, many families are having hard conversations on what being anti-racist entails with our kids. Books serve as one of the best tools to educate, and with the recent senseless killing of George Floyd, many of us are looking to broaden our understanding via storytelling.

How important are books on racial diversity for our kids? Very. Iman Powe-Maynard, a librarian with the Brooklyn Library Paerdegat Branch, shared, “Young children absorb information like sponges. The books we choose for them reflect what we want them to know about the world they live in. Reading and talking about racial diversity allows kids to be mindful and respectful of our differences, and teaches them important lessons on the dangers of inequality and injustice. Having these conversations are imperative in raising young, educated allies.”

Here Are 12 Books to Add to Your Family Library:

Psst…here are educational print outs that focus on racism-Free Printables and Lessons for Kids on Learning About Anti-Racism