Brooklyn Public Library Opens New Branch in Dumbo!

Photo Credit: Ben Brachfeld

Brooklyn Public Library Opens New Branch in Dumbo!

After almost 40 years, Brooklyn Public Library has opened a brand new library in Dumbo! Not only is this the first time that BPL has opened a new branch since 1983, but it is also the first library that Dumbo has ever had.

The new library can be found on Adams Street between John and Plymouth Streets and is located on the first floor of an old factory building that oversees Manhattan Bridge, the East River, and the Lower East Side. Not only do Dumbo residents have a great place to study or relax, but it is also another location to take in breathtaking views.

When exploring the over 6,500 square feet space, you will find not only a large array of books, but computers, a community room that will be reserved for meeting and gathering, as well as a children’s library that houses a mini-amphitheater for story time.

This $7 million started up in 2020 and then was stalled due to the pandemic, but now both BPL workers and Brooklyn residents are excited to have this space open to the public to enjoy.

For more information about the new Adams Street Library, read opening coverage from our sister site, Brooklyn Papers.

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