The Best Fall Books for Kids of All Ages

Best Fall Books for Kids

Best Fall Books for Kids!

From school to television, to almost every aspect of our daily lives, some sort of screen time is involved. And whenever we aren’t looking at something digital, we are running around trying to get the most of this fall season. But sometimes, we forget to sneak in a little bit of reading time, until now. Here are the best fall books for kids that you can read with them or, if they are old enough, can read on their own. Many of these books include new releases, some old goodies, as well as an effort to teach kids a lesson with every page they read!

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Early Readers

A Cub Story by Kristen Tracy, Illustrated by Alison Farrell

Ages: 2-4 Years Old

In this quirky and heartfelt board book, Little Cub examines the world as it changes all around him. A Cub Story goes through the day-to-day of the life of this baby cub through the end up the day while tucked in with his mama bear. This book is perfect for teaching young children about comparisons, exploring different perspectives, and especially for reading to your little one as they go to sleep.

Do You Speak Fish?: A Story About Communicating and Understanding by DJ Corchin, Illustrated by Dan Dougherty

Ages: 4-6 Years Old

After a boy comes across a fish and tries speaking to it, the fish does not respond. The boy is shocked and only becomes more frustrated when he realizes that other animals don’t understand him either. However, he realizes that it isn’t up to the fish to speak Boy. He learns that if he wants to communicate, it’s up to the boy to learn how to speak Fish. Do You Speak Fish? teaches kids about cross-cultural communication as well as reaching out and respecting others who might appear different.

Pig the Monster by Aaron Blabley

Ages: 3-5 Years Old

Pig, the world’s greediest pug, is on the rampage for TREATS! However, don’t be too stingy with giving him your candy because he has more than a few terrible tricks up his sleeve that he isn’t afraid to use.

She Persisted in Sports by Chelsea Clinton, Illustrated by Alexandra Boiger

Ages: 4-8 Years Old 

Throughout history, women have been told that they couldn’t achieve their dreams, no matter how hard they tried. Women have experienced a plethora of challenges within sports. In this book, readers will meet the women who have excelled in their sport because of their persistence even when all of the odds were against them. 

The Creepy Pair of Underwear by Aaron Reynolds, Illustrated by Peter Brown

Ages: 4-8 Years Old

Jasper Rabbit is NOT a little bunny anymore! He isn’t afraid of the dark, and he definitely isn’t afraid of his underwear. But when the lights go out, suddenly his new big rabbit underwear glows in the dark and they might just be a little, well, creepy. Jasper’s not scared obviously, he’s just done with creepy underwear. However, every time he attempts to get rid of them, they keep coming back!

The Fairies Meet the Lions

If you have a love for animals then you will definitely love this book! Follow the journey of a group of fairies who just love to sprinkle their pixie dust as they travel to different locations. This book inspires children to use their imagination while also learning about different countries and animals.

Upper Level Reading  

Big Shot (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 16) by Jeff Kinney

Ages: 9-12 Years Old

Jeff Kiney is back with the 16th book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series. This time around Greg Heffley is trying his hand at joining the basketball team. There is just one problem… The chance of winning a single game with a team that has this little talent seems slim. Will Greg rise to the occasion? Or will he end up blowing his Big Shot? Read this laugh-out-loud comedy to follow yet another misadventure of Greg Heffley. 

Brave. Black. First.: 50+ African American Women Who Changed the World by Cheryl Hudson, Illustrated by Erin K. Robinson

Ages: 8-12 Years Old

Published in collaboration with the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, this biography features over fifty remarkable African American women who have paved the way for the next generation of young people. Brave. Black. First. features the likes of Harriet Tubman, Rosa, Parks, Serena Williams, and Michelle Obama.

Frankie & Bug by Gayle Forman  

Ages: 8-12 Years Old

Forman’s first-ever middle grade novel, set in 1987 Venice, California sees this bittersweet coming-of-age story following a young girl and her new friend. When ten-year-old Bug meets Frankie, she is not super excited about spending time with someone new. As the summer unfolds, they find themselves learning some important lessons about each other, and the world. This book for middle schoolers teaches children about the importance of being true to yourself and allyship, while also showing that life isn’t always fair, but we can make it a better place.

Sarai and the Around the World Fair by Sarai Gonzalez and Monica Brown

Ages: 7-10 Years Old

In this fourth book in the Sarai Gonzalez chapter book series, when Sarai outgrows her bike, she’s worried she’ll never be able to travel anywhere. However, after Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary hosts their first Around the World Fair, she learns that she can go anywhere she wants if she has a little imagination!

Young Adult

Squad by Maggie Tokuda-Hall, Illustrated by Lisa Sterle

Ages: 13-18

In this Pretty Little Liars meets Teen Wolf graphic novel, Becca transfers to a new high school in San Francisco and worries that she won’t fit in. Much to her surprise, she is immediately taken under the wing of the most popular girls in school. But after a full moon, Becca learns they have a big secret. Becca’s new friends are werewolves. Their prey? Slimy boys who take advantage of unsuspecting girls. Eager to be accepted, Becca allows her friends to turn her into a werewolf, and finally, for the first time in her life, she feels like she truly belongs. This book is meant for a slightly older audience due to some of its material (ie. language).

This is All Your Fault by Aminah Mae Safi

Ages: 11-13

Set in the course of one day, this YA novel follows three young girls who are determined to save their indie bookstore. When Rinn, Daniella, and Imogen clock into work at Wild Nights Bookstore on the first day of summer, they’re expecting the hours to go on like they do every year. Instead, they have to deal with the news that the bookstore is closing. It will take all three of them to have any chance at saving Wild Nights Bookstore. 

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