The Best Free Virtual Games Kids Can Play With Friends

the best free virtual games kids can play with friends

After weeks spent at home, your child probably misses getting to spend time with their friends and classmates. Although virtual connection can’t replace the real thing, virtual apps and games that allow your child to play alongside and challenge friends can add tons of fun to their day. These are some of the best free virtual games kids can play with friends while social distancing.

MarioKart Tour

Just like the classic Nintendo game, with MarioKart Tour, you can play as Nintendo characters Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi and more as you race against your friends. The app allows your child to race with up to seven other players registered as in-game friends. There’s a huge variety of recognizable classic tracks to choose from — Rainbow Road, anyone? — as well as new tracks inspired by real-life cities.

Draw Something

On Draw Something, your child can draw and guess doodles with family and friends. The Pictionary-like app encourages creativity and connection. When prompted with words from themed categories, your child will create a quick doodle or a virtual masterpiece and send it to their friends, who will try to figure out and guess the prompt for points. 

Scrabble Go

The Scrabble Go app allows users to play the classic board game virtually with the official Scrabble tiles, board and dictionary. There’s also the in-app option of trying new versions of Scrabble, like Scrabble Duel, Word Drop and Scrabble Rush. Your child can easily start games with friends and connect by sending emojis and messages through in-game chat.

Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light is an open-world game where your child can fly through seven realms and unlock new paths for exploration by solving puzzles. Social features allow users to connect with friends and family along the way. The award-winning animation and beautiful soundtrack are set to inspire as users spread hope through a desolate kingdom and return fallen stars to their constellations.

Yahtzee With Buddies Dice

Your child can now play the classic Yahtzee dice game virtually with friends. The Yahtzee app has a popular two-player option that allows users to challenge friends and family. There’s also the option to connect with friends by chatting and sending stickers during gameplay. 

Monster Math Duels Kids

With Monster Math Duels, your child will enjoy competing with their friends or siblings by making their way through math fact tables. The app offers gameplay for first through fifth-grade math in an exciting virtual environment. Your child will be able to connect with friends, have fun and improve their math skills at the same time. If your child is looking for more math-learning resources, check out The Best Math Apps for Kids: Free, Paid and Subscription-Based.

Playing Cards

Playing Cards is a website that allows users to connect with friends and use a virtual 52-card deck in all the same ways you might use one in person. Play Go Fish, War, Solitaire, Crazy Eights or any other classic card game. The website also offers Checkers.


With the Uno app, your child can connect with friends in a classic one-on-one game, make a strategy with their partner in a two-versus-two mode or cheer on their friends as a spectator. They can also invite their friends to an Uno Room and play Uno by their own new and creative rules.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a popular crossword game where your child can play with friends in team or one-on-one settings. The app’s competitive word-building puzzles will keep your child engaged and encourage them to grow their vocabulary. Words With Friends also allows users to connect over an in-game chat as they play.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an award-winning app that’s been downloaded from the app store over 1 billion times. The augmented reality world can add some excitement to family walks around the neighborhood; as you and your child explore, they can virtually collect Pokemon throughout the city. Over the app, they’ll connect with friends to battle Pokemon and build their collection.

Golf Battle

On Golf Battle, your child can play fun and intuitive virtual golf with just one friend or up to six friends at once. The app’s 70+ holes, 3D graphics and system of points and prizes will keep your child and their friends excited to play.

Boggle With Friends

The Boggle With Friends app is based on the classic Hasbro board game where you can challenge your friends and family to spell out the most words before the clock runs out in two minutes! Your child has the option to challenge a friend to three rounds of fun word-skill competition or train on their own with solo play against the app.