Best Online Games for Kids: Both Educational and Fun!

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Best Online Games for Kids: Both Educational and Fun!

After so much time at home, it is normal for your little ones to run out of fun things to do. Perhaps it’s time to try out some online games that can keep your child engaged while teaching them new skills and facts! From online quizzes to interactive activities, your kids will love playing these online games and parents will be happy to see their kids learning. Read to learn about free online games for various age groups that have been reviewed to be both enjoyable and educational.

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Inside the virtual world of Poptropica, players are encouraged to embark on quests and adventures. The game includes telling stories and overcoming obstacles, which makes it great for nurturing adventurous attitudes and problem-solving skills. It is most recommended for older children, from 8 year olds to tweens.

PBS Kids Games

Not only is PBS the home of some of your favorite childhood shows, but they also have online games that will let your kids interact with some of the characters! PBS games are split up into categories such as back to school, shapes and problem solving so kids can learn new skills while having fun! All of the games are based off of popular kids shows such as Curious George, The Cat in the Hat, and Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Don’t Gross Out the World

Best for children between the ages of 4 and 8, Funbrain’s new game offers a fun quiz experience while teaching players about the diverse dining etiquettes of different cultures. This game will not only allow your child to learn new facts, but it will help them strengthen their social skills at the dinner table–in every part of the world.

National Geographic Kids Games

With over 100 games that are both fun and educational, National Geographic Kids Games are great for your little ones to play! All of the activities are themed around science and geography, and are made for grades kindergarten through fourth grade. Whether your kids are in the mood to test their knowledge with a quiz or they want to spend time playing an action and adventure game, National Geographic has a game for everyone. Parents or kids can register for free on their website.

This educational website offers interactive games that will keep kids engaged for hours! Not only do they have fun options for online games, but also has downloadable clip art, wallpaper and many more free things! All of the games are sorted by age group and games range from matching and memory games to brain teasers.

Counting Pizza Party

In this game of numerical skill, your child will acquire a firsthand experience of a pizzeria job. Players will count the correct number of toppings and add them to the pizza to fulfill a customer’s order and ring a bell to hear the toppings counted aloud upon completion. Making numbers fun through whimsical toppings and colorful characters, this game is bound to win the love of preschool and kindergarten students.

BrainPOP Jr.

Find games that help with all kinds of school subjects on BrainPOP Jr. Your kids will have a blast going through all of the movies, quizzes, games, and activities that this site has to offer. There are select games that are available for free, but you can also unlock more by signing up for their subscription! BrainPOP Jr. caters to grades kindergarten through third grade, but once your kids get older have them try out BrainPOP for more advanced learning. Subscriptions start at $9.45 a month.’s Complete Sentences

A perfect match for tweens and teens who want to enhance their language skills, has a plethora of word game options to choose from. Playing word games on a regular basis will help sharpen your child’s brain and allow them to think faster and more resourcefully.

Arcademics Capital Penguin

This game is one for all, ranging from toddlers to bored tweens. Capital Penguin’s primary focus is to help players memorize America’s states and their capitals, offering an educational experience while being a fun, relaxed game. It is easy to play as well–players will use the arrow keys to navigate each capital.

Sheppard Software

If you have a young one at home that is just starting to learn the basics, then Sheppard Software is the pick for you! All of the games use sounds and visual effects to teach kids simple math, science and language arts. All of the games are perfect for grade preschool through second grade and are free for all users.


If you want to enhance your kids skills in math and reading, then head on over the SplashLearn! This game-based learning program adapts to each kids skill levels to make sure they are getting the most out of this educational experience. These fun games will transform how your kids learn without making it feel like work!