Best Face Masks for Kids to Wear at School!

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Best Face Masks for Kids to Wear at School!

A new school year means a new collection of face masks for kids to use while they sit in the classrooms. Mayor de Blasio says that kids will be asked to wear masks when returning back to school in the fall. Since kids will be sitting in the classroom for 7 to 8 hours a day all week long, it is important that they are wearing a mask that is both safe and comfortable. We’ve rounded up some face masks that your kids will enjoy wearing through the halls!

Looking to stay informed on how NYC is preparing the welcome kids back to school? Check out School Update for 2021- 2022!

Disposable Masks:

Nano Air Mask

These masks come in both small and large sizes, so every kid can get a Nano Air Mask that fits. Nano Air Mask is a great choice for kids going back to school because it protects you from 95% of airborne particles. These masks are also very thin, which makes them great for warm weather days. $30.00 for a 10-pack.

WeCare Disposable Face Masks for Kids

WeCare masks are not only safe for your kids, but are all very colorful and creative! These disposable masks are made up of three protective layers while also being lightweight and breathable which is perfect for kids who are sitting in a classroom all day. Each mask is also individually sealed in the box, so it is easy to grab a few masks to throw into your kids backpacks. $18.98- $24.98 for 50-pack.

Just Play

These kid masks are made with fun prints and are perfect for kids ages 2-7. The masks have a contouring nose strip so you can mold the mask to your face. It is even better for kiddos who wear glasses because you won’t have to worry about your glass fogging up! Just Play’s motto is that behind every mask is a smile, which is what every kid needs to have when going back to school. $17.99 for 24-pack.

Pi & Pie Face Mask

Keeping your child protected this school year is very important to parents, which is why a group of U.S. moms and dads came together to create Pi & Pie face masks! These masks are made for preschoolers, teenagers and women, and have fun colors or unique designs. Each collection is made with a high quality static charged melt-blown fabric as the filtering layer to make sure that your kids are staying extra safe. To top it all off, part of each purchase goes towards supporting public schools, non-profit organizations and small businesses!

Cloth Masks for Kids

Cubcoats Face Masks

Cubcoats are very popular with parents because they are perfectly designed for younger kids, and they are also adorable! These masks come in a 2-pack and are machine washable so your kids can continue to wear the same ones for the entire school year. Cubcoats are made of 100 percent cotton and there is an inner pocket where you can add an extra filter. Your kids will love looking like some of their favorite Cubcoat characters while staying safe! $14.95.

green sprouts

If you are someone who likes to give back to the community, then go out and grab some green sprouts masks for your kids! When you purchase any of the company’s masks, 10 percent of the purchase is donated to organizations who are helping people and communities who have been affected most by Covid-19. $29.33 for 3-pack.

Disney Cloth Face Masks

Show off your love for Disney this school year by grabbing some of their masks. These masks are made with elastic ear loops and are available in a variety of sizes to ensure that your kids will have a mask that fits comfortably. Kids will love showing off their masks that have some of their favorite characters or movies! $11.99 for 2-pack, $19.99 for 4-pack.

Adjustable Cloth Masks for All Ages

Crayola Kids Face Mask

This pack of masks has enough for kids to go to school with a fresh clean mask everyday! Crayola masks are machine washable and come with a mesh laundry bag. The masks are also made with fit adjustable ear straps in order to fit all of your kids! $19.99.

Old Navy Triple-Layer Pleated Face Mask for Kids

Start the new school year in style with these very popular Old Navy masks. Each pack has 5 reusable masks that are made with an assortment of colors and patterns. These easy-to-wear masks are made with 3 layers of 100 percent cotton and are available for both kids and adults. Old Navy is proven to help people fight this pandemic  by donating 50,000 of their masks to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. $12.50 for 5-pack.

Happy Masks Pro

These masks are so great that they are flying off of the (virtual) shelves! Happy Masks is known for being the only mask that is made of nanofiber membrane filter, which is proven to protect you from almost 100 percent of pollutants. What makes these masks different from others is that it has a “parrot beak” style shape which gives you some extra space between the mask and your nose and mouth. This will help your kiddos breathe more comfortably while sitting at school all day! $24.


These soft and reusable face masks for kids are ones that they will enjoy wearing. Made with 100 percent cotton, these soft and reusable masks comply with CDC guidelines to make sure your kids are staying protected. You will also find a pocket in the masks that are designed for filters. $22.95 for 2-pack.