A New Standard In Neighborhood Urgent Care From Northwell Health-GoHealth

Cutting the ribbon at the new Greenwich Village Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care facility. Photo by David Pokress

For many people, having to visit an urgent care facility means that your day has most likely been disrupted–you’ve suffered a health set-back and now you’re going to track down a facility that may or may not be nearby, and then have to potentially wait (and wait, and wait) to be seen by a healthcare provider. This kind of scheduling snafu can be especially tough on families with young kids and working parents.

Enter Northwell Health-GoHealth’s urgent care facilities. Northwell Health-GoHealth is an innovative healthcare partnership between Northwell Health (formerly North Shore-LIJ), a longstanding pillar of NYC-area health and wellness service, and GoHealth Urgent Care, a company specializing in bringing a new kind of urgent care to a variety of communities by partnering with local healthcare networks (GoHealth also operates in Portland, OR, in partnership with Legacy Health, and has plans to open new facilities in the San Francisco Bay area in partnership with Dignity Health this June). The Northwell Health-GoHealth business is built on offering immediate healthcare, medical record continuity and seamless integration with Northwell Health, x-rays and labs on-site, top quality care, and acceptance of most major insurance providers.

Northwell Health-GoHealth cut the ribbon this past week on two new urgent care facilities–in Greenwich Village (41 East 8th Street) and on the Upper West Side (2628 Broadway)–to add to their growing number of patient-focused and forward-thinking urgent care facilities in the New York City area.

“We now have 23 locations in the greater New York area,” Todd Latz, GoHealth’s CEO and a dad-of-three, says just before cutting the ribbon on the 8th Street outpost. “[The New York] market will continue to grow…and we’ll get a lot bigger here in New York in the next year. That’s true in Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Island, Queens, and Westchester.”

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What makes Northwell Health-GoHealth’s urgent care facilities special–and especially great for families–is that they truly prioritize the patient experience. Allowing patients to reserve a spot online in the clinic’s queue before they arrive, offering larger exam rooms with large monitors to display medical records, and giving patients ample time to ask questions and schedule follow up care with Northwell Health’s extensive care network are all way in which these new facilities work towards changing urgent care for the better.

“Everything about the business is focused on patient and family experience. From comfortable waiting rooms to large spacious exam rooms that can accommodate families… It’s all about experience. The restrooms, for example—it’s an overlooked thing sometimes—they’re large and every one of them has a changing table,” notes Adam Boll, Vice President of Northwell Ventures Operations. “We specialize in not only seeing adults but also in seeing children. All of our practitioners are trained in family care.”

Boll’s sentiment is echoed by Latz, who emphasized the convenience factor of Northwell Health-GoHealth’s online check-in and queuing system: “What we’ve tried to do is design something that allows you to live your life and not change what you would normally do but also take care of something that, in the past, was difficult to do,” he explains. “We think that really has set us apart. Nobody else in this market has that type of queuing where you put it back into the patient’s hands.”

Now that Northwell Health-GoHealth has opened up in Greenwich Village and on the UWS, it brings Manhattan’s total up to four (there’s also a Gramercy location and an Amsterdam location). To learn more, or to book an urgent care appointment, visit gohealthuc.com/nyc!