8 Must-Have Apps For New Moms

Becoming a new parent can be one of the most exhilarating yet frightening moments of your life. Although a rewarding process, expanding your family is a huge life change. If you’ve been a parent for a few months, chances are you’ve already figured some things out through trial and error, but if you are dealing with a newborn you may need a lot more assistance than just the parenting books you’ve been reading over the past nine months. You may have your partner’s support, or family and friends to help out; however with the advent of the digital age, help is only a click away! There are a vast number of apps out there, and we have compiled a list of eight fundamental apps that will help you survive as a new parent.


New moms can download this personalized guide for a healthy pregnancy and happy motherhood on iTunes for free. Baby2Body makes it easier for expecting mothers and new mothers to stay healthy, happy and look fit too! Don’t miss out on all the daily pregnancy information this app offers. They also offer premium content for paying users. baby2body.com

Hello Sitter

Leaving your baby in the care of someone other than yourself or your partner can be one of the hardest things you’ll ever go through as a new parent, but you also deserve some time off every now and again. If you need a last minute sitter, but don’t have the time or patience to deal with the hassle of finding a qualified one, then download Hello Sitter–which was developed by a local mom–for free on iTunes! New parents can request the best sitters right when needed, even with an hour notice! No worries, no wait; just simple booking with the click of a button. hellositter.com

Chime On-Demand Babysitters

New parents are bey selective about who they let watch their little bundle of joy, but now you can save some time with Chime On-Demand Babysitters. An app that is just as selective as you, will find babysitters near you anytime, on demand. Download this app for free on iTunes and let them do all the work as they carefully screen and select the best babysitters…only the ones with glowing parent reviews of course! hellochime.com


Social networking has made it a lot easier for mothers to connect, find playdates and socialize. With apps like Cardamom, a friend-matching app designed exclusively for moms, new mothers can find loyal friendships, schedule playdates, find professional connections and more. Live without the pressure of planning, and simply tap into new friendships. Cardamom–which was created by an NYC mom–is free to download on the iTunes store and is also available on Google play! cardamomapp.com

Mommy Nearest

Mommy Nearest’s website allows parents to read articles and reviews from other local parents. But they also have an awesome location-based app! Parents can discover where other local parents are taking their children and find fun activities for the family to do while in NYC. So take the speculation out of family fun (and experiencing the city in a family-friendly way) and download Mommy Nearest on iTunes and Google play for free! mommynearest.com

Tiny Beans

Babies grow up so fast, and before you know it your little one is not so little any more. Learn to enjoy each precious day and build memories with the Tinybeans app. Tinybeans is an online baby journal that allows parents to keep all the memories in one place, and is a safer way to share photos, videos, and notes you’ll treasure forever with just family and close friends. Download the app for free on iTunes, Google play, and Amazon! tinybeans.com


Keeping up with a newborn takes more hours than there are in a day. You may be too busy to organize all the photos and videos you took of your little one. The Realtimes app can do the work for you as it instantly finds the best moments from your phone or the cloud, and automatically arranges them with transitions and a soundtrack; ready for you to share! It’s easy, fast and free for iOS, Android and Mac devices. realnetworks.com


Being a new parent and trying to juggle life around a newborn becomes a little difficult. Cozi is the must-have app that manages your crammed schedules and keeps all your lists in one place. With Cozi you can track grocery lists, manage to do lists, plan ahead for dinner, and keep the whole family on the same page. The app is free and available to download on iTunes and Google Play! cozi.com