6 Best Spots for Cookies in NYC

Best Spots for Cookies in NYC
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Best Spots for Cookies in NYC

Even on a summer day, a soft, warm and chewy cookie makes a perfect dessert. You don’t have to fire up your oven to enjoy fresh-baked cookies. There are plenty of options for bakeries that sell fresh baked cookies all over NYC.

We’ve rounded up some of the best spots for cookies around New York City!

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Levain Bakery

Multiple Locations

Levain Bakery started out in 1995 and is still around for good reason. Their crispy, chewy, soft, melty cookies are iconic and beloved. These cookies are best known for their freshness and signature gooey center.

They have a wide selection of fun flavors including caramel coconut chocolate chip, chocolate chip walnut, two chip chocolate chip, and more. Levain Bakery has stores across the United States, including several New York locations.

In fact, their first location ever is here in New York City! You can visit one of their delicious bakeries or place an order and have these awesome pastries delivered. 

Insomnia Cookies

Multiple Locations

As the name suggests, Insomnia Cookies is the best place to stop for your late night cookie cravings. Most locations offer late night hours for pick up and delivery, with some locations staying open until 3 AM.

Insomnia Cookies has an unbeatable variety of options that will satisfy any late night cravings. There are just so many great flavors and treats to choose from! Their classic favorites include double chocolate chunk, classic with M&M’s, peanut butter chip, oatmeal raisin, strawberry shortcake and much more!

They even have some vegan and gluten free classic cookie options.

But their classics are just the beginning, because their menu also includes deluxe options, brownies, ice cream, and delicious combos. They have several locations throughout New York City and you can sign up for their CookieMagic membership for exclusive benefits. 

Chip City

Multiple Locations

Chip City has some very unique and original cookie flavors. You probably won’t find their coconut sugar cookie with pina colada filling anywhere else! They have great descriptions for each of their 18 cookie flavors to let you know exactly what is inside.

Some of their other unique, delicious flavors include Nutella Sea Salt, Blueberry Cheesecake, Horchata and more.  They also have a dairy free chocolate cookie option. Can’t pick one favorite flavor? You don’t have to! Their menu rotates weekly, so you can always be on the lookout for a new favorite to try. 

Chip City has stores all across New York, which include Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island locations. 


Locations in Greenpoint and Cobble Hill

Ovenly has a delicious menu which includes vegan, gluten free, and dairy free options. Try their salted chocolate chip cookie, hot chocolate cookie or salted peanut butter cookie.

Ovenly is not just about cookies. Their bakery menu also includes quickbreads, croissants, cupcakes, and signature cakes. They even share some of their most-loved, tried and proven recipes on their website so that you can create these delicious confections in your own oven.

They have two Brooklyn locations you can visit, and they also offer same day delivery. 


Multiple Locations

The Maman nutty chocolate chip cookie, filled with macadamia nuts, almonds, walnuts, and dark chocolate wafers was featured on Oprah’s favorite things and is definitely a fan-favorite!

Maman also has some seasonal and limited edition cookie flavor options, like their s’mores cookie, pineapple coconut oatmeal cookie, and their lime cilantro cookie. These carefully crafted, mouth-watering cookies are available at Maman stores throughout New York City. They have many Manhattan locations, and a Brooklyn location as well. 

Duchess Cookies

Multiple locations in Brooklyn

Duchess Cookies offers cookies with the most exotic fillings you’ll ever taste. Their cookies are just oozing with creamy deliciousness. Bite right into their cream filled banana nut butter cookie, churro Nutella cookie or oatmeal apple pie cookie.

They have more than 20 original cream filled cookie options, plus even more traditional cookies (without filling.) You can order cookies directly from their website or pick some up yourself at Brooklyn Bread Cafe in both Carroll Gardens and Park Slope.