13 Fun Fidget Toys to Help Kids Focus- and even parents will love

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Fun Fidget Toys to Help Kids Focus!

Fidgets are various toys and objects that kids and adults can “fidget” with. Playing with a fidget toy can help with stress relief, anxiety relief and is meant to improve concentration. They are a great tool to have for school and academic engagement. There is a great variety of fidget toys, some more distracting than others, so make sure to think about your child and what type of tool will help them focus the best. Before purchasing any fidget toys meant to be used at school, make sure they are allowed in your child’s classroom.

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Twirling Double Loops

With two glittering plastic barrels that twirl around two rings, this fidget is small and calming. It can help build finger strength and even give your palm a soothing massage as you rotate it with your fingertips or palms.

Appash Fidget Cube

Each side of this 6-sided cube has a different fidget action. You can “Click, Glide, Flip, Breathe, Roll, Spin” with different spinners, rollers, and buttons. This toy is great for kids who need help concentrating and staying focused when they need to.

Rubix Cube

This well-known game of colored squares is a great tool to engage the mind in activity and to use and develop problem-solving skills. While this is more attention-consuming than most fidget toys, using this as a break between high times of concentration can help kids relax and de-stress.

Chew Stixx

The Chew Stixx is a safe and hygienic alternative for the kids who bite pencils, shirts, and other objects. It can be used as a hand fidget and is also chewable. It is extremely durable and comes in many different colors and flavors, including unflavored.


Kids can bend this rubbery band into any shape or design they want. It is a silent fidget toy that is good for public places including the classroom. Bending this fidget can keep their hands busy and allows them to engage in academic activities while doing so.


While most parents may think that noise-inducing toys are simply distracting, some kids may actually gain more focus from it. Klicks can be pulled apart and snapped together again for some satisfying and calming play. Fidgeting with Klicks may also help your kid develop fine motor skills.

A Kneaded Eraser

This fidget can be used practically as an eraser as well as as a fidget toy. Another advantage is that the eraser will also not be a distraction for other kids in the class. If you have some spare time you can also make it at home by following along with a DIY video.


BouncyBands have been clinically proven to help students ability to focus while relieving stress by moving their legs. They are great for restless kids who often make noise when tapping their feet against the desk or chair. This fidget is also less distracting than those used by hand. BouncyBands are available for desks and for chairs.

Fidget Spinners

When most people think of fidget toys, the image that probably comes to mind are these fidget spinners. These widely popular fidgets come in a variety of colors and styles and are used by spinning the object between two fingers. Spinners should only be used by older kids.

Arrgh! Rainbow Stress Ball

Take out all your stress on a small squeezable ball. This rainbow-colored stress ball is a vibrant, fun way to relieve stress and anxiety.


Boinks are a tube of nylon mesh with a marble inside that can be pushed from one side to the other. This is a simple calming toy that won’t be too much of a distraction and can help kids focus.

Pop It Fidget Toy

Have you ever popped bubble wrap and loved the sound/sensation of it? This Fidget toy is similar to that of popping bubble wrap and can be done over and over again!

Tangle Texture by Sensory Direct

You can take it apart, reconstruct, and twist it around. Like the name, there are many different textures that make up the long and winding toy and have just enough variety for it to be calming and refreshing.