10 Must-Try Gluten-Free Restaurants in NYC

10 Must-Try Gluten-Free Restaurants in NYC
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10 Must-Try Gluten-Free Restaurants in NYC

In January of this year, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Just three months ago, I faced the reality of being a 19-year-old college sophomore who had to completely change my eating habits. I was immediately overwhelmed and didn’t even know where to begin my research. 

According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that affects about one in every one hundred people around the world.

When people with celiac disease eat gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley, their body initiates an immune response that goes after the small intestine. It can develop at any age, and in my case, became evident just recently.

As I am sure you can imagine, being told you can’t eat a “normal” bowl of pasta, bagel, loaf of bread, or piece of cake again… it can be pretty disappointing. 

However, I have learned in the past three months that it doesn’t have to be! Going out to eat can still be an enjoyable and worry-free experience at the right places. Here are some of the must try gluten-free restaurants in New York City. 

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Modern Bread & Bagel

472 Columbus Ave, New York, NY, 10024
139 West 14th St , New York, NY, 10011 
All Day Brunch: 8 am-2:30 pm
Snack Time: 2:30-5 pm
Modern @ Night (Upper West Side): 5-9:30 pm 

Modern Bread & Bagel is heaven for every bagel lover. Their hand rolled bagels are baked fresh and completely gluten-free and kosher. 

In addition to their two New York City locations, Modern B&B can also be found in Los Angeles. Each location offers the option to order in advance, or if you do not live nearby, you can have your order shipped right to your door. 

If you are able to take a visit to this popular brunch and lunch spot in NYC, you will have the opportunity to order a delicious item from the BYO Bagel Sandwich menu, along with plenty of other sweet and savory treats. 

The menu also provides information on how to make items vegan if they are not already designated to be. This spot seems too good to be true for anyone with celiac disease, or for anyone who wants to try out a gluten-free diet!

Bring Modern B&B into your kitchen! Modern B&B’s baker, Orly, created Blends by Orly: a premiere selection of gluten-free flour options for breads, bagels, cookies and cakes. Visit the Blends by Orly to find out how to purchase her flours.


Multiple locations

I had the opportunity to visit Friedmans at the Edison Hotel NYC on 47, and I was not disappointed. Friedmans originally opened in 2009 in Chelsea Market.

One of the restaurant’s founders was diagnosed with celiac disease, so she’s passionate about making Friedmans a safe haven for herself and others with celiac disease. 

Friedmans serves up delicious brunch and lunch plates including pancakes, waffles, sandwiches and fried chicken that people with celiac disease can enjoy confidently. When I visited Friedmans, I felt comfortable and tried many delicious dishes, including Friedmans famous chocolate chip pancakes. 

Senza Gluten

206 Sullivan St, New York, NY, 10012
Open: 4-11 pm daily (kitchen closes at 9:30 pm)

Tucked in Greenwich Village, NYC is Senza Gluten Restaurant. The menu offers customers with a fully gluten-free Italian experience (pinch me please). 

Senza Gluten puts a modern, gluten-less spin on traditional classics like lasagna, pollo alla parmigiana and gnocchi dishes. The team ensures the entire kitchen and all dining rooms are kept strictly gluten-free, so there is no need to worry about cross-contamination. 

Risotteria Melotti NYC

309 East, 5th St, between 1st and 2nd Ave, New York, NY, 10003
Open: 4-10:30 pm Sun – Thu
4-11 pm Fri – Sat
11:30 am-3:30 pm Sat – Sun

Moving to the East Village, we have Risotteria Melotti NYC. This restaurant creates a variety of unique risotto dishes that tell a story of the history and tradition of northern Italy. 

Since risotto is made of rice… and rice is gluten-free… see where I’m going with this? 

Yes, Risotteria Melotti NYC features 100% gluten-free menu items that will leave you craving more (vegan and dairy-free preparations available upon request). I have never had risotto, and definitely plan on visiting Risotteria Melotti NYC this spring.  


Multiple locations

TAP NYC brings the taste of Brazil to various locations in the New York area. TAP NYC provides premium and sustainable high-quality food that is rich in nutrients and antioxidants and, you guessed it, gluten-free! 

Try one of their tapioca sandwiches, like the Tomato & Mozzarella Classic or the Avo & Eggs, one of their many organic açaí bowls or one of their Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread). 


535 Hudson St, New York, NY, 10014
Open: 10 am-11 pm Mon – Tue
11 am-11 pm Wed – Sun
148 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11217 
Open: 12-10:30 pm Mon – Fri
11 am-10:30 pm Sat – Sun

Are you ready to feast with confidence?

WILD Restaurants are guided by three simple principles: honor nature by respecting earth when harvesting ingredients, use ingredients that produce the smallest carbon footprint to allow for peace of mind, and put passion into maintaining a positive environment for high-quality gluten-free food. 

Stop by WILD for dinner or weekend brunch (check out the dinner menu and weekend brunch menu at the Park Slope location)!

Nami Nori

33 Carmine St, New York, NY, 10014
Open: 12 pm-10 pm daily
236 N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY, 11211
Lunch / Brunch: 12 pm  – 2:30 pm, Wed – Sun
Dinner: 5 pm -10 pm daily

Nami Nori is a temaki bar that specializes in open-style sushi hand rolls. This casual yet elegant spot is an innovative and unique dining experience for anyone who comes by. Nami Nori offers weekend brunch, and many vegan options for customers to enjoy as well. 

This one-of-a-kind sushi experience takes traditional techniques to the next level. Look at their NYC menu (and brunch menu) to learn more about their specialties. 

Bar Verde

65 2nd Ave, between 3rd and 4th St, New York, NY, 10003
Open: 12-11 pm, Sun – Thurs
12 pm-12 am, Fri – Sat
Brunch: 12-4 pm, Sat – Sun

Bar Verde is an authentic and lively plant-based spot in the East Village. The menu features familiar dishes like guacamoles, ceviches, nachos and tacos in addition to an assortment of innovative and signature main course items.

True to its name, Bar Verde’s menu also highlights many organic tequila and mezcal cocktails for patrons to enjoy along with their meal. 

Bar Verde is 100% gluten-free and soy-free, and marks off dishes that are nut-free (or items that can be made nut-free with simple modifications). Between the gorgeous outdoor patio, delicious beverages, and outstanding menu, Bar Verde is a must-try the next time you are in the East Village. 

Posh Pop Bakeshop

192 Bleecker St, New York, NY, 10012
Open: 11 am-9:30 pm Mon – Thu
11 am-12 am Fri – Sat
11 am-10:30 pm Sun

This article would not be complete without a couple bakery recommendations! Posh Pop Bakeshop offers decadent cheesecake, cake pops, cake, cookies, doughnuts and more. 

Spend one minute on their website and your cart will be overflowing with gluten-free goodness. Also, you can ship their cakes nationwide; I cannot think of anything I would want more for my birthday!

Las Delicias Patisserie

1801 College Point Blvd, Flushing, NY, 11356
NYC Local Delivery Mon – Fri
UPS Delivery Mon, Tues, Wed

Last up is Las Delicias Patisserie. This boutique artisanal bakery prepares mouthwatering gluten-free, kosher and vegetarian sweets with locally-sourced ingredients. Please excuse me while I place my order. 

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