10 Educational Apps for Kids: Science, Math, Reading and More

10 Educational Apps for Kids: Science, Math, Reading and More

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Nowadays, it may be important to supplement learning for your children. One easy way to do this is through exciting educational apps for kids.

For the generation growing up with smartphones, it’s a great way to use their time on such devices wisely. They can still engage in entertaining games but with a learning twist!

The programs on this list are available on any platform and most have their own website so that kids can use these apps on the computer as well.

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Chess for Kids

Cost: Free with optional premium plan

Straight and to the point, Chesskid is an app that teaches chess to kids! Not only does it allow them to play, but it actively teaches them the rules and even, for the advanced, strategies on how to play. Though it is free, they do offer a gold program for $10/month or $49/year which gives unlimited and unrestricted access for learning.


Cost: $9.95/month but the first month is free

ABCmouse.com, is a top-ranked and top-marketed educational site for kids. The recommended age range is 2-8. It’s great for the tyke just learning how to develop and the more advanced learner who wants to sharpen their skills in language and memory. 

Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Cost: $7.99/month or $59.99/year

Taking its origin from a fantastic children’s book, this preschool aimed learning app is the #1 learning app in over 25 countries. Developers are constantly adding to the app so kids continually have more content for learning with the best teaching techniques. 

Categories specialize in: Shapes and Colors, Letters, Numbers, Art, and Reading. Watch as your child learns these disciplines, wraps themselves up in a cocoon, and turns into a beautiful butterfly.

Khan Academy Kids

Cost: Free

Available as both an app and website, Khan Academy provides in-depth resources for adults and kids alike in all areas of learning. Their Kid program helps develop kids academic ability and their creativity.

Five charming animal characters lead the learning session, adding a sense of whimsy and fun to a child’s learning experience. Easily one of the most thorough educational apps for kids on this list.

Priding themselves on being 100% free, they promise no ads or fees.

PBS Kids

Cost: Free

PBS is a recognizable name that parents have trusted for over 50 years. And they supply multiple apps that specialize in different activities and ages. You can’t go wrong with what PBS Kids’ apps have to offer. 

Busy Shapes

Cost: $2.99

Specializing in the toddler age, Busy Shapes helps strengthen 2-5 year olds visual and association skills. 

It comes from the Montessori Preschool, a renowned online establishment that offers great bundles of educational apps for kids dedicated to helping young ones learn and grow. Each of them is worth considering, but Busy Shapes is some of their best received work and deserves a special shoutout. 

Moose Math

Cost: Free

Moose Math has five different ways it approaches teaching young children math. From the basics of numbers and counting to geometry, Moose Math is a great program to help the kiddos grow their math skills. It’s a terrific free program that will help your child progress through fun games.


Cost:$11.99 per month or $79.99 per year

Epic! is a digital library that assists 91% of elementary schools in the US. Reading, and especially reading with your little one, is crucial to child development. This is the most comprehensive app on the market for that purpose.

It’s definitely worth downloading if you’re looking to have a children’s library at your fingertips.


Cost:$8.95/month or $59.88/year

Prodigy is a valuable math and English app for children that engages students while ensuring their growth. On this app, kids learn through playing fun and adaptive games.

Prodigy’s games makes learning an adventure. Every correct answer lets kids take another step in a journey of quests and battles or towards building a homey village. What more is there to ask for from an educational app for kids?


Cost: Free

This one is geared for the older kids in the audience, closer to ages 9-16. Hopscotch is an app that teaches coding and adapts to the user’s skill level. That way, you child is guaranteed to learn and grow no matter their starting skill level.