8 Best Beach Canopies for Kids!

beach canopies
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8 Best Beach Canopies for Kids!

Kids love playing in the sand or the ocean when it comes to a beach trip, but there are times when they need a place to cool down, especially when you have trekked from the apartment to the beach and plan to stay more than a few hours!

Before you head out for your next beach trip, make sure to grab one of these awesome beach canopies for your kids! Beach canopies are great for kids of all ages because it gives them a space to relax (for babies or toddlers it’s great for nap time) and protects them from harmful UV rays.

Check out our favorite beach canopies!

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Large Canopy: Babymoov Pop Up Sun Shelter

This large pop-up canopy has great ventilation so your kids can keep cool on those hot summer days. Babymoov wants to make parents’ lives easier, which is why their canopy does not require any assembly and comes with a carrying bag for easy setup and clean-up. The canopy is also made of a material that will block any UV rays that could damage your kids skin. $49.99

Sport Brella Vented Umbrella

Can’t decide if you want to use an umbrella or a canopy? Well, Sports Brella has found a way to give you both! This vented umbrella is perfect for windy days and is easy to set up and take down. The canopy has built-in wind flaps that you can undo to have air circulation and help with windy conditions. It is also held down with a telescoping pole that can be adjusted the way you would like it. This is a great canopy for bigger families. $82.99

 Schylling UV Play Shade

This canopy is perfect for kids ages 3 and up and it is a great way for them to be able to play while not being directly in the sun. made of an SPF 50+ material, your kids will be able to stay safe from UV rays all day long! It is also large enough to fit multiple toddlers, which means even more room for fun! $49.98

Nidö Mini Baby Beach Tent

If you want to bring your baby outside but don’t want them to catch direct sunlight, then this beach tent is perfect for you! It is made to shield your infants from the sun, as well as protect them from any sand and wind. The canopy also has a retractable mosquito net so you don’t have to worry about bugs. Your babies will be able to either play with the toys that come with the canopy or take their naps on a removable mat! $74.99

 Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent

This canopy is not only great for the beach but is also great for other fun activities that you and your family want to enjoy this year! It is made from breathable polyester and is water repellent so your little ones won’t have to worry about getting wet. The inside of the canopy is spacious and has internal pockets where you or your kids can store beach supplies or toys! $69.99

High Quality: Neso Tents Beach Tent

This canopy is unlike any other! Neso Tents founder knows first hand how too much exposure to the sun can be unhealthy for you, and that’s why he created a way for people to enjoy the outdoors safely. The beach tent will protect you from 98% of UV rays and is anchored using natural resources so there is no need for metal stakes.$94.99

 Monobeach Baby Beach Tent

It can be hard sometimes to bring an infant into the water, so instead bring the water to your kids! This beach tent is made with a mini pool at the bottom so your baby can swim in their own little oasis! Once your baby is done playing in the water, unzip the mini pool and let them enjoy playing in the sand while under the shade! $35.99

Sunba Pop Up Tent 

Sunba Youth wanted to make a canopy that parents will be able to use for a long time, which is why their pop up tent is made from elastic metal material so it can withstand bending. This canopy doesn’t require any assembly and is very easy to carry, which makes it the perfect item to bring on a beach day or to pack away for a family vacation!


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