WICKED on Broadway: Celebrating 20 Years of Defying Gravity 

wicked on broadway

WICKED on Broadway: Celebrating 20 Years of Defying Gravity

Seeing a Broadway play is a rite of passage for children growing up in or around NYC, where WICKED has been entertaining families for over two decades and counting.

The blockbuster musical phenomenon is celebrating 20 years defying gravity on Broadway this year!  Ideal for families with children ages eight and up, this unforgettable theatrical event transfixes NYC audiences eight times a week with its wildly inventive story.  

Journey to a world where the future is unlimited and two very different women form a magical friendship. Meet Elphaba, a smart, fiery woman who has been misunderstood, judged, and dismissed. The world assumes because she’s green, she’s wicked. But she vows one day she will defy them all. When Elphaba arrives at Shiz University, she meets a bubbly blonde who is exceptionally popular. Their initial rivalry turns into the unlikeliest of friendships.

WICKED company member Marina Lazzaretto reflects on the valuable lessons the show embodies, including combating bias and prejudice. “Both Elphaba and Glinda make judgments about each other based on appearance and perception,” she explains. “We come to learn later that they actually have much in common once they get past their initial preconceived notions and give each other a chance.”

wicked on broadway

In the show’s timeless anthem, “Defying Gravity,” Elphaba sings: “I’m through accepting limits ‘cause someone says they’re so.

WICKED company member Travante Baker shares “I see the themes of identity and self-love show up prominently in ‘Defying Gravity.’ Elphaba’s realization to trust her instincts while simultaneously shedding an identity long influenced by others is a prime example of stepping into one’s own identity, embracing self-love, and doing what feels right in one’s heart. Up until now Elphaba has been pouring into others, hoping for validation and love in return, but now ‘something has changed within her’ and she begins to explore the notion of self-love and true identity which intrinsically cultivates self-empowerment.” 

wicked on broadway

More than just a thrilling score and spectacular stage magic, WICKED tells an inspirational story that allows audiences of all ages and backgrounds to feel moved, motivated, and seen.

“If every musical had the brains, heart, and courage of WICKED, Broadway really would be a magical place” declares TIME.

The Gershwin Theatre on 50th Street and Broadway is that magical place. From the first electrifying note to the final breathtaking moment, WICKED – the untold true story of the Witches of Oz – sends audiences soaring to heights they’ll never forget. 

Audio translation is available in Spanish and 6 other languages.

Learn more at WickedTheMusical.com.



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