What to consider when your flight is canceled

Your family’s needs

• How many meals will your family need before your rescheduled flight?

• Do you have plenty of snacks, baby food, and diapers?

• Does the airline provide overnight accommodation? If so, does it offer a hotel voucher or do you have to pay and submit the receipt to get reimbursed?

• What is the airline’s maximum reimbursement amount for a hotel stay?

• Which affordable hotel options are closest to the airport? Does the hotel offer airport shuttle service?

Your rescheduled flight

• Are you booked on the correct flight?

• Does each family member have a seat? Are the seats located next to each other or in different rows?

After the flight

• Did you submit all expense receipts via the airline website?

•Will you provide feedback to the airline about your experience?

• Did the airline respond with any offers of compensation for your inconvenience?