• 7 Valentine’s Day Recipes You’ll Fall In Love With

    You and your tastebuds will really be feeling the love this Valentine’s Day!

    By Alex Taylor


    What says love more than decadent desserts and tasty treats? Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to create delicious meals with your significant other. Simply putting a loving twist on a classic favorite is a true specialty for the season of love, and we have quite a few recipes up our sleeve to really set the eating mood this Valentine’s Day!

    Start the morning off the right way by whipping up pancakes that are perfectly on theme. These beautiful Heart Pancakes are ready for their close-up on Instagram! Plus, they taste like heaven, so it’s a win-win.

    Another way to kick off your Valentine’s Day is with a savory breakfast. We can’t leave out the eggs and toast! Luckily, we have the cutest Heart-Shaped Egg-in-Hole recipe, which is really just an adorable spin-off of the classic breakfast. It’s the sweetest looking meal you’ll ever eat!

    For a quick and tasty dinner to throw together with the kids, make these Heart-Shaped Quesadillas! They’re so simple to create, yet so fun to eat, and of course they’ll be a home run with children.

    It’s no secret that everybody loves pizza, so why not eat pizza on the day that everyone loves each other? This Heart-Shaped Pizza is fun to make and yummy to gobble down with your favorite person.

    Nothing screams romance more than dipping foods into other foods! This delicious and easy fondue recipe will have you dipping everything you can get your hands on, plus it’s an easy, mess-free clean up!

    The staple of Valentine’s Day is red velvet. This one dessert is already red and already sweet, so there’s really no room for messing up at all! These Red Velvet Brownie Hearts won’t only make your heart melt, but your taste buds, too.

    Take the average Oreo and turn it into the love of your life with these Heart-Shaped Oreo Truffles! You’ll probably eat all of them in one sitting, so prepare your stomach!

    Trying to make a last-minute gift for the holiday? Check out this video of our friends at The Craft Studio, where they share three different quick and cute gifts!

    We’re live with The Craft Studio on the UES, where they’re showing us how to make three easy Valentine’s Day crafts ?

    Posted by New York Family on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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