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  • Under Armour Showcases Local NY Teens in New Campaign

    In a new youth outerwear campaign, Under Armour features two local teenage athletes that are making a giant splash in the sports scene!

    By Radhamely DeLeon

    under armour ad campagin

    Under Armour’s new youth outerwear campaign features two local New York athletes making a big splash in the sports scene. Both just 14 years old, Jesse Mehler and Audrey Shin are rising stars in their fields.

    Mehler has been professionally training as a boxer for some time now in the hopes that he could one day compete in the Olympics. Despite being dubbed as ‘The Chosen One,” Mehler’s unbeatable drive shines through the countless days spent training in the gym.

    That same level of commitment is mirrored in the calculated grace of Audrey Shin’s figure skating routines. She is one of the top junior figure skaters in the country and even finished 11th in the Junior Grand Prix LTU this year.

    That’s not just talent–that’s devotion to the sport.

    With their continued training, they know that the only way from here is up. Mehler, already an International Youth Boxing Champion, is making huge strides in the boxing industry and already has his eyes set on the Jr. Olympics. Shin dreams of qualifying for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing and also hopes to study sports science in college.

    under armour jesse mehler

    Mehler and Shin are just two of the seven amazing young athletes being featured by Under Armour for their hard work and athleticism. Even at this young age, these athletes find a way to juggle life, school, and their passion. Their feature in the Under Armour campaign shows how they #CrushTheLimits, as this new youth outerwear collection offers versatile clothes that helps young athletes strive both in and out of the classroom.

    To learn more about UA’s new campaign, visit:

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