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The Ultimate Super Bowl Party For Kids

Yorkville Youth Athletic Association

Super Bowl Sunday is approaching quickly, and that means it’s time to plan the perfect, kid-friendly party sure to rock the socks off every one of your children’s friends and parents. We took some notes from The Spruce’s ideas on how to create a great party for children and created our own special checklist of things to do, make, and indulge in at your upcoming Super Bowl party at home!


It might seem like a vicious feat, but decorating for a football game really isn’t all too tedious. Simply print out both teams’ mascot photos and place them over the food area. Have them look towards each other, too. This way, they’ll be facing off while you feast! For the food area, set out a football field table cover and throw in some miniature football players. Also, set out the snacks and other items along different yard lines to give it a little something extra. To capture the essence of the night, set up a photo wall with streamers of the two teams’ colors and little photo props like number-one foam fingers, referee equipment, footballs, football helmets, and so on.


This year, create food that mirrors both of the teams’ locations. For the Eagles, set out miniature Philly cheesesteaks and large, salted pretzels—which are both foods Philadelphia is widely known for. And for the Patriots, serve a delicious pot of clam chowder along with some signature whoopee pies. If your kids are like typical kids, they may stick to the more traditional football-watching foods. In this case, pizza is never a bad idea. Also, throw in some pigs-in-a-blanket, and cookies decorated as footballs to stay in the tailgating spirit. Another snack option while fueling the decor is to fill up empty football helmets with chips, pretzels, and popcorn. This way, the table is decorated on theme, and everyone’s bellies are full.


Before the game starts, or even during, your kids can work on some fun crafts to pass the time. They can make flags for the team they are rooting for and then hang it up on the wall. For game time, your kids can also construct customized pompoms, so they can celebrate when their team has a success on the field. You can throw it back to your own childhood by showing your kids how to make a paper football and field goal!

Halftime Games

Halftime can be a restless time for the kids. They see all the movement on the field and want to do something, too! Pin the helmet on the player is a twist on a classic game, incorporating maybe their least favorite player and them pinning the helmet in places that will make everyone laugh. Hot Football is an alternative to Hot Potato, where all the kids can toss around a football (obviously one that can’t injure people or items in the room), until everyone is out besides the one true winner. And if they are seeming extra wild, you can strike up a quick flag football game outside for a couple minutes. This will get all their energy out, and maybe they’ll be hungry for round two at the snack table!