Thanksgiving DIY Craft Project: Turkey Tom Place Card Holders

We turned to the artistic experts at The Craft Studio to give us the scoop of creating heartwarming DIY place card holders with your children to go with our harvest-inspired kids’ table picks.

Materials: (Makes one turkey)

Two Styrofoam balls (one 3” in diameter and one 1” in diameter), tissue paper (foliage hues  recommended), Mod Podge glue, foam brush, googley eyes, multi-colored feathers, orange foam sheet, tooth pick, scissors, glue.


Use the Mod Podge to cover the large Styrofoam ball (the body) with the small pieces of colored tissue in whatever pattern you choose.

First, use the foam brush to put a little glue on the ball, place tissue on top, and then put glue over the entire piece of tissue again. Repeat until it is all covered with tissue. Set aside to dry. Using brown tissue; repeat the same process and cover the smaller ball (the head piece) and set aside to dry. Use a tooth pick to connect the head and the body.

Glue googley eyes to the head. Cut two small triangles out of orange foam for the beak and use glue to attach. Use scissors to slice a tiny resting spot for place cards in the top of the body. Add feathers to the top of the body in a fan shape. Finally, place a seating card with a guest’s name on top of the turkey in the slot.