Tips for Staying Hydrated This Summer

Tips for Staying Hydrated This Summer
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Tips for Staying Hydrated This Summer

With the heat of summer coming out in full-swing this year, it’s important to remember to keep yourself and your family hydrated. The city is regularly seeing temperatures in the mid-nineties and even higher heat indexes, so it’s extra important to stay hydrated while out on your summer adventures. 

Before we share some tips on making sure your body is getting enough water, you should be aware of the symptoms that can occur when your body doesn’t have enough water.

Mild dehydration can cause problems with blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature. More severe dehydration can also cause weakness, confusion and other neurological symptoms.

Keep in mind that you want to avoid letting yourself reach this point. Consider water intake as a preventative measure, not simply a cure for dehydration.

We know you know to drink more water. But we also know that this can be easier said than done. Sometimes we get busy and forget our daily eight glasses.

But let’s also be honest here: water just tastes better for some people than others, especially if you are used to sugary foods. Here are some tips to make sure you’re getting enough water, and maybe even enjoying it.

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Watery Fruits

Drinking water isn’t the only way to increase your water intake. There are many fruits that have high water content, and your kids probably already love them. These superfoods include strawberries, tomatoes, cucumber, pineapple, oranges, and celery.

But the reigning champ of them all is watermelon (or any melon), which contains an astonishing 92 percent water even with its sweet flavor! And don’t forget, you’ll also be getting your daily dose of vitamins with your fruit and vegetables.

Fruity Waters

One way to jazz up the taste of your water without added sugars or artificial sweeteners is to add some freshly sliced fruit. The longer you let the fruit soak, the more flavor the water will have.

It can also be a fun guessing game for the kids. Give them glasses of water with a different flavor in each and see if they can identify the fruit. Make it a little tougher by mixing fruit together and seeing if they can correctly guess the fruit combo!

Freeze It

Popsicles are a family favorite in the summer months, but they can often be higher in sugar than their hydration factor.

If you’re looking for a healthier but equally tasty alternative, consider freezing coconut water with fresh fruit inside. Kids often associate the combination of frozen and colorful with a special treat, and these popsicles are just as bright and beautiful as the ones you’d buy from the ice cream truck.

Slash the Sugar

Our taste buds are ruled largely by what we eat. If you want plain old water to taste not so plain old, the best thing to do is to slowly wane down your sweet tooth.

Once your kids get used to having those low-sugar treats, water will likely become more and more palatable, maybe even preferable to sugary beverages. After all, it’s easier to consume more of something when you actually like the taste!

Limit Sun Time

Too much sun exposure can cause a lot of problems, and dehydration is certainly one of them. If you’re planning a summer picnic, make sure there’s a spot available with enough shade.

Consider cooling hats that keep your head from becoming too hot. Dress appropriately for the weather. And don’t forget to apply enough sunscreen!

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