This School Year, Let Sameday Health Make COVID Testing Far More Convenient

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This School Year, Let Sameday Health Make COVID Testing Far More Convenient 

As any parent knows, the start of a new school year means the beginning of a busy schedule. While we want our kids to safely return to classrooms, sports, activities, birthday parties, and playdates, sometimes scheduling and traveling to a COVID test can be extremely inconvenient. Luckily, there is an excellent solution. Sameday Health makes COVID tests more accessible for everyone, especially for busy families with children returning to school.

Get tested by a professional in your own home

Getting out of the house is challenging enough. If you can’t make it out or simply prefer to have a COVID test at home Sameday Health will send a team member to your home to perform the test. They will travel anywhere in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens to ensure you and your family get tested safely and receive results within the hour.

Or visit one of Sameday’s many offices in New York

Convenience for parents is everything. Sameday has locations all over the country and several in New York City alone—if you prefer not to get tested at home, you can check out their clinics in Williamsburg, SoHo, and Lenox Hill. If you’re outside the city, there are also locations in White Plains and Fairport that you can visit. Their tests are fast, reliable, non-invasive nasal swabs, and they are always performed by licensed professionals in safe environments.

One of the best ways to keep us and other families safe

As kids return to school, let’s keep our community safe by getting tested for COVID regularly. Sameday Health also provides a range of other medical services, in addition to COVID testing, to help keep our families safe. Visit their website to book a testing appointment or learn more about how Sameday Health can help protect your family.

Sameday Health also offers partnerships with New York schools to become their exclusive testing partner. For more info contact Anna Lea Heacock at annalea@samedayhealth.com.