Things to Do at Coney Island With Family This Summer

 Coney Island Boardwalk
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Things to do at Coney Island have been limited by the pandemic, with a lot being canceled or simply TBD. But what is opening up is still amazing and will deliver fun almost effortlessly to the whole family. Coney island is a place that lots of New Yorkers think of when hot summer days roll around. You not only have the beach, but a boardwalk full of rides and fun eats. What are you waiting for?!

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Things to Do at Coney Island This Summer!

Walk the Boardwalk

Starting off with the expected classic. Taking a stroll on the boardwalk, seeing the sights and smelling the boardwalk food. Nothing will get you in the mood for summer like sauntering down that bouncy wooden road.

Visit the New York Aquarium

We really missed the aquarium and now that it is open we are excited to visit the sea lions, sand tiger sharks and all our favorite critters. But first, there are safety rules to follow and you must reserve date specific ticket.

Ride the Rides

Luna Park is home to some iconic New York rides and they are opening up and ready for business. No matter the age group, no matter the relationship, there are countless opportunities for good old fashioned fun and things to do at Coney Island.

Hot Dog Eating Contest

Every year when July 4th rolls around and every year Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest commences. And with this year being its 105th anniversary, it’s not different. A revelry heralded as American and celebrated on Independence Day, you won’t want to miss it.

Ask the Experts

Coney Island is still pursuing their ask the experts series until the end of May and via Zoom. You can look at their schedule to see who is in the lineup for this month. But whichever session you choose to take part in, you will be treated to a wealth of knowledge from painting to personal health.

Catch a Ballgame

The Brooklyn Cyclones make their home on Coney Island, and it might finally be time to head back out there and feel the roar of the crowd and taste those peanuts and crackerjacks. Being a minor league team, it’s a much more playful and intimate feel, easy for sports fans and those just looking for a fun night. They have a vigorous schedule throughout the summer, so there’ll be plenty of opportunities to see them play whenever you’re comfortable and free.

Coney Island Film Festival

Though towards the latter half of the summer, this September Coney Island still plans on hosting its annual film festival. The extended deadline to submit films is June 25th, and after that all there is to do is wait and grow more excited. If you’re free from Sept 17 – 19, try checking out these homegrown masterpieces.

William’s Candy Shop

Make sure to grab a sweet treat at William’s Candy shop! From classic cotton candy to candied apples to soft serve and more, there is something in here for every one. Although they are not located right on the boardwalk, they are super close and well worth checking out.

Mermaid Parade

Despite the date still being TBD, the Mermaid Parade still plans on happening sometime this summer. Coined as the “World’s Largest Art Parade,” it’s a celebration of not just the mystical, but humanity’s love of the mystical. It’s an all around  joyous and colorful occasion and whenever it comes back this Coney Island summer, you should consider going.