The summer is ending, but there’s still time for a vacation

It’s August already. Isn’t it amazing how the summer weeks whizz by? July was a hot month and seemed more like August, which makes me wonder what August will be like. The days are getting shorter, although there’s still plenty of light at the end of the day to eat outdoors, have dinner on the beach, or barbeque on the grill.

My family has been to the beach quite frequently this summer and I don’t mind telling you that my beach of choice — and the one that’s most accessible and inviting — has been, and still is, the clean and lovely beach/boardwalk at Long Beach.

Did I mention that we don’t live in Long Beach and that every summer we buy a family beach pass? I’m certain there are local people who think we are a hibernating family that lives out there but only appears in the warmer months.

“So nice to see you. How was your winter?” They ask us every year.

I say nothing and just enjoy all the friendliness that I can find in life. I mean, we’re talking 30 years of beaching at Long Beach.

We took our family vacation in June but I’m pretty certain that a lot of families are still looking forward to time off together. Maybe the kids have been at camp and you’re waiting till the end of summer to do a family drive or a stay-cation? Maybe you have a new college student who is home with you for the last weeks before beginning campus life?

Whatever you do or wherever you go, enjoy the end of summer and the good foods that are coming into season now, like fresh Long Island corn and tomatoes. Visit your local farmer’s market or stand and see those wonderful green beans, cucumbers, peaches, blueberries and blackberries that are grown here, and help support your family’s good health and our local farmers at the same time. What a great partnership that is!

Happy August! Thanks for reading!

Susan Weiss-Voskidis — Publisher