The Sugar & Spice Pop-Up Museum Makes Holidays Sweet

stuffed animal cookies in an indoor igloo

Sugar & Spice Pop-Up Museum lets you enter a world of winter wonderland delights. Explore this giant world of polar bears, cookies, and presents at 58 South 6th Street, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

You’ll enter a room full of holiday magic and cheer of giant proportions. First, peer into a life-sized snow globe full of lights and snowflakes. Then jump into a giant, inflatable mug of hot cocoa that is filled with rainbow balls and stuffed animal penguins. And you can stir up extra fun with a four foot long spoon.

There’s a glow-in-the-dark room; a six foot tall polar bear eating giant candy canes that gives big hugs; an oversized cookie plate for you to sit on with hand-stitched stuffed cookies to cozy up with; and a polar bear igloo where everything inside is plush. My little ones got cuddly with the polar bears and made a bed out of the stuffed logs.

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The personal favorite was the walk-in gift box. It’s a larger than life present all wrapped and ready with a beautiful, big bow. Step inside and there’s even a chair for little ones to stand up and pop out of the box for a grand surprise. It’s also equipped with small presents you can toss up for the perfect boomerang. Everyone can jump out of a gift box and send your loved ones the ultimate gift—the one and only you.

This is a most wonderful time of the year interactive experience sure to delight kids of all ages. The space is cozy and small so 30-60 minutes is more than enough for taking in the full holiday circuit.

To learn more, visit!

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