The Malin Williamsburg: A Luxe Co-working Space (and more)

The Malin: A Luxe Co-working Space (and more)
Photography by Lesley Unruh

The Malin Williamsburg: A Luxe Co-working Space (and more)

Many parents know that during the beginning of the pandemic our work lives went from everyday humbug to drama. Parents went from working five-day weeks in an office to hanging with our new and considerably younger co-workers. Gone was office cooler gossip- our new colleagues, okay, our kids– had to be schooled, have cafeteria time, be tutored on common core math, etc. Fashion, what fashion? There wasn’t any time for style. While we tried to dress work appropriately for Zooms, that soon gave way to sweats and Willie Nelson tees.

Flash forward to the present; some of us are back at the office; others are working hybrid or fully remote. And as we send the kids off to school this month, many of us are aching to move away from the home desk life. It’s not just about a change of scenery; it is about being around adults, creativity- basically, we want a new work vibe.

The sitting comfy booths at The Malin in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Photography by Lesley Unruh

Prime location

This is why when photographing our September cover, we gravitated to The Malin (there are three locations in NYC, we shot the cover at the Brooklyn location) a work-focused members club that champions luxury design and customizable services. In short, they get the modern worker, including working and stay-at-home parents who seek a space that supports their creative endeavors or a nook to decompress and focus on the day in a grown -up space. This enables working parents to do their work around their family obligations.

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Enjoy the quiet in this gorgeous library
Photography by Lesley Unruh

Not just a co-working space

The Malin Williamsburg is more than just a physical space; it’s a support system that centers its attention on you—the person who manages to juggle it all. As soon as you walk in, you enter a zen-like space; before settling in, you can detour to the magnificent kitchen—a space that exudes beauty and comfort—and pour yourself a refreshing ice-cold brew. There are seating spots, dedicated desks, private offices, and meeting rooms. This is a workspace, so people are going about their work. If you need privacy, the space has you covered with phone booths designed for video conferencing, ensuring your privacy and uninterrupted focus. And if that’s not enough, they’ve got alternative workspaces like the ‘Library’ where you can quietly work away.

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The couch seating area in 'The Library" at The Malin-Williamsburg
Photography by Lesley Unruh

Hey Alexa, can you get me an assistant 

One of the standout features at The Malin is the presence of an onsite Executive Assistant. This priceless resource is ready to lend a hand with various administrative duties, from filing expense reports to drafting meticulous meeting minutes and organizing presentation materials. But their support extends beyond work-related tasks—they assist with your day-to-day lifestyle needs, whether running errands, booking travel arrangements, securing reservations, or even indulging in a little personal shopping. 


Plenty of natural light at The Malin co-working space in Williamsburg
Photography by Lesley Unruh

Location, location, location

The Malin has three locations in New York City- Soho, West Village, and Williamsburg. We shot our cover at their Williamsburg location on the ninth floor at William Vale building. The warm building is designed with a stylish blend of texture and design. It is also conveniently located near the NYC Ferry, the G and L train lines, and, of course, is right next door to the The William Vale hotel where some delicious food at the Leuca can be found. There are other delicious eateries in the neighborhood in this prime location. 

The Malin Williamsburg

109 N.12th St, 9th Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11249

718- 407-1198