All You Need to Know About Brooklyn’s District 15 School Rezoning and Admission Changes

Next September, a newly constructed addition to PS 32 will open, adding 436 seats. As a result, a plan for potential rezoning and admission changes has been laid out. These changes will affect seven District 15 elementary schools. At a September 24 meeting, representatives from the Department of Education presented school community members the goals, planned approaches and timelines for the rezoning.

The main goals of the project include addressing issues of overcrowding at PS 29 and PS 58. Additionally, the hope is to even out building usage across schools in the area. The new building at PS 32 also needs to be filled. Lastly, the project promotes integration and tackles demographic disparities in the district.

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Approach #1

Plans for the project involve two separate approaches and timelines. The first approach would continue geographical zones. Each school will save 25 of its seats for students who qualify for free lunch and other similar programs. As a result, schools would become more diverse and this approach would decrease overcrowding at PS 29 and PS 58.

School rezoning based on the first approach
Map courtesy of NYC Department of Education Office of District Planning

Approach #2

The second approach would involve removing current zone lines and creating a shared zone for the seven impacted schools. Admission to schools will be based on a choice admissions program. This program will prioritize 25 to 35 percent of seats for integration. At least one of the seven schools will admit each student. However, they cannot guarantee admission to a specific school. Busing and transportation would still be provided according to current guidelines.

Map courtesy of NYC Board of Education Office of District Planning

The first timeline includes a vote this November followed by September 2020 implementation. The second timeline would include holding a vote in the Spring or Fall of 2020 followed by implementation in September of 2021.

Additionally, either approach would not impact students already enrolled at a specific school or their younger siblings.

The Board of Education has actively discussed the plan with the community. Parents and community members are encouraged to email the CEC (, the District 15 superintendent (, or the Office of District Planning ( to provide thoughts, concerns and feedback.